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Tylenol PM February 24, 2008

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So Tylenol PM is awesome stuff.  I took some last night and literally, I think, passed out.  I awoke feeling somewhat better but a little loopy.  I didn’t hear a thing last night.  Mark has been camped out on the couch to try and stay away from the “germs”. 

Which, sidenote, Eli keeps coming and examining my hands and feet and arms very closely saying that he is looking for the “germs”.  Poor guy he is very confused about the whole thing.  He wants to find them so he can start tasting mommy’s food and drinking from my drinks again.   He always wants what someone else has and is very rarely satisfied with what he has.  I told a friend recently that I think I need to start praying that he will learn contentment b/c this is a real issue!  Maybe it is part of the third child syndrome.

Anyways so I come downstairs to see how everyone else fared and Mark is washing sheets b/c two little boys wet their beds and two of the boys ended up sleeping on the floor beside the couch.  Needless to say poor Mark was not well-rested.  Poor guy.  I am so thankful that he is taking such good care of me, b/c truth be known when he is sick I do not do a good job of pampering him and letting him have space to get better.

I need prayer on that one b/c I just have a nasty attitude when he gets sick.  Like it is his choice or he wants to be sick?  Just confessing that is certainly an area I struggle with where the Lord has to fill me with compassion and mercy.  Those are not my gifts.

So Mark took the boys to church and I did a little housework and now I am tired again so I thought I would do a quick blog.  Thanks for everyone that tuned in and for all your comments.  It makes me feel loved! 

My brother Karl sent a comment about a book he is reading by Nouwen.  I just finished reading “Organic God” by Margaret Feinstein.  Incredible and beautiful book.  How bout you?  What are you reading?   


2 Responses to “Tylenol PM”

  1. maura Says:

    I havent read anything in a while and am hoping to pick something up to read while I am visiting you. Maybe I can read organic god since you speak highly of it.

  2. Chris Reeder Says:

    Reading Present Future by Reggie McNeal.

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