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Poison Control anyone? February 25, 2008

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My middle cutie was complaining of an earache.  He is not one to complain but was just acting kind of mopey so when I finally asked if he felt alright he said, “no mommy my ear hurts.”  So I remembered I have a bottle of some kind of eardrop herbal stuff in the medicine box.  Yes I have a big cardboard medicine box in my cabinet.

 Not frequently used items like above mentioned ear drops or things like cough drops, extra thermometers, old prescription bottles go in this box.  Then my great organizational method places the more commonly needed meds in the medicine basket.  Don’t be fooled there is really very little rhyme or reason.  The box happened to hold all meds when moving and then I just tossed the ones I needed more often into a handy basket:)  I know I need help in the organization department.

So while I was giving my earache child some ibuprofen, I did not realize that my youngest whippersnapper snatched the earache medicine and somehow figured out how to unscrew it (obviously herbal meds don’t have safety caps).  What finally clued me in to what was going on was when I heard a slurping sound and he says, “Me no like dis.”  AAAGGGHHHH!  He was drinking the ear drops!!!

This should not surprise me as he is the one that likes to taste things he is not supposed to.  Nibbles on cardboard, peace lilies, couch stuffing, thread, you name it.  I grabbed the bottle and began scanning for ingredients while scrambling for the phone, yelling for Mark.  Thankfully I read that it is non-toxic and Mark tries to assure me he really only ingested a little bit.

So hopefully all is well.  No sign of tummy ache yet:)  It was almost bedtime so the little rapscallions are in bed, looking oh so sweet.  As someone once said, “They are so sweet, but don’t let them fool you…they are simply recharging!”  I love ’em!


One Response to “Poison Control anyone?”

  1. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one with a medicine box!

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