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Hug your babies February 26, 2008

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I really thought I was over this flu thing and then today I have been just wiped out. I even was blessed with a great nap while Eli was napping and I still feel like I got run over by a truck.  (That really is an absurd way to describe how you feel…)  So glad you could tune in to my complaining.

My sister is in town with her little bundle of energy and I hate that she has to hang out with me while I am sick but it truly is nice to have company and a distraction during this short season. After about five days inside though we broke out tonight and ate dinner at Moe’s.  (Welcome to Moe’s!)  Kids eat free on Tuesdays, hurray!  Mark is out of town tonight so it cost me $5.36 for all of us to eat.  And a nice man came around and made balloon animals for the boys and did magic tricks.  It was so very worth it:)  Isn’t God good how He even took care of dinner for me!  Although a sweet family with eight angelically behaving children ate near us and I felt like a buffoon while one of my children decided to carry a glass bottle of beer around!  Yes he picked it up from the cashier stand and was carrying it around while vrooming his motorcycle everywhere!  This happened while I was chasing my two year old away from the gumball machine by the door and somehow my eldest was racing up and down the order aisle.  Yes, it rained most of the day, thus the chaos.  But moments like these make me feel like loser mom of the year.  Why?  When I am sure that mother of eight has had similar moments.  But I always feel critiqued and needless to say I came up on the short side.

Onward:) A friend sent a prayer request for her 16month old niece Addie who the doctors just discovered has many tumors throughout her brain and spine.  She has to have surgery tonight to save her life and then the hard part begins with chemo, etc.  Please, please pray for her….. but it also just makes me so, so thankful for moments like tonight and right now, knowing that my three little angel boys sleep in bed.  And thankfully in good health, other than some stuffy noses:)  But I need to be thankful for each and every moment I have with them.  Whether they are being easy or difficult they are here and I can love on them.  So go crawl up next to your sweeties before you hit the pillow tonight and give them some extra sugar.  And then intercede for sweet Addie and her family,please!


2 Responses to “Hug your babies”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    Hi, Erika! I know you from CSU, and I found you from Becky’s blog.

    I have had the exact same experience with kids’ night at Bennigan’s. Got to love the free kids’ food. And if that lady was wise enough to get her 8 kids fed for free, she was wise enough not to judge you for a little bit of chaos. We’ve all been there.

    So sad about your friend’s child. I can’t imagine.

    You’re doing great with you blog. Keep it up.

  2. jenny pruitt Says:

    thank you for this post…. I needed reminding today that other moms kids can be as wild as mine…..and somehow..I ALWAYS manage to sit near the perfect kid table…ANYWAY… thank you for reminding me of the precious gift of my healthy children and husband. we are feeling better… and four days until our vacation!! 🙂 I’m SOOO glad you’re a blogger.

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