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Tag, You’re it! February 27, 2008

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First time for everything and the first day of my blog my sweet friend Susanne over at (you have to teach me how to highlight etc. these things Susanne:) tagged me for a blog game.  So here goes:

The rules:

1)YOu must post the rules on your blog before you play

2)You come up with a word that describes you from the letters of your middle name (or maiden name if need be)

3)You then tag 5 other people to do the same

My middle name is my mother’s maiden name and since it is rather unusual and I think kind of pretty, I have always liked it.  If I ever happened to have a girl (chances get slimmer all the time) I would love to pass it on.

I – inquisitive:my mother always called me that and now particularly w/my 1st and 3rd born kiddos I understand.  They always want to know why or are into anything and everything simply out of curiosity.  For instance when I went upstairs to check on Eli last night.  Yes, he was asleep but his pants were off and he was in my bed.  I found the pants on the floor covered in lotion?  Couldn’t find the source…..until I was falling asleep and rolled over onto a full bottle of lotion with the top off under the covers of my bed.  Fun… couldn’t find the top until this afternoon when he brought me upstairs and showed me where he had dropped it behind my pillow and under the bed:)  inquisitive, there you have it!

V – very, very blessed: I know that is kind of cheating but I am not voluptuous (sp?) nor viavacious (again sp?) and nowhere near virtuous (what is up with hard to spell v words?)  So the closest runner up was very, very tired and that was obvious!

O – outgoing:I love making new friends, connecting with people, networking, etc.  It feeds my tank, gets me going, makes me smile.  Being away from my girls this week has been really, really hard.  I miss my peeps!

R – reader: I love to read.  I really, really do.  I honestly am better about this than I used to be but I really like to have one or two books with me at all times, just in case I get the chance to read.  I don’t put them in the diaper bag or purse anymore b/c really, with three boys I have realized I will no longer just have a spare minute to read.  But my sweet sister was with me this week and we went out to run errands and I noticed she stuck her book in the diaper bag on the way out and I thought, “Ah back when I had just one little man, those were the sweet blissful days when I actually thought I might catch a minute to read.”  Now we really never did get those minutes, and she certainly won’t b/c her little fella is full speed ahead.  I guess the reading addiction runs in the family:)

Y – young at heart: I may not truthfully always be this but I do try and I desperately want to hang onto this.  I used to be really good at noticing the sunset, listening to the crunch of fall leaves, balancing on the walls of parking garages, having tickle fights, making forts under the table… I am not as good at it anymore, more of just a mom.  So I really want to hang on to that part of me.  Because I really like that about myself. 

There you go that is my New Year’s Resolution.  Work on being Young at Heart.  You heard it right here!  So if you see me doing crazy things with my kids, chalk it up to this resolution:)  That makes me happy!!!!

God is good all the time and I am so thankful to each of you for loving me enough to read my random thoughts:)  And hopefully smiling while reading!

Oh I almost forgot I have to tag five people.  I don’t know that I know five other bloggers…Um so Jenny Pruitt, Maura Prelich, Cookie Cawthon, Courtney Emert and Cindy Foote you have been tagged!


2 Responses to “Tag, You’re it!”

  1. Susanne Says:

    Love it!! Thanks so much for playing along! Have I told you how extremely glad I am that you have joined us out here in the blogosphere??? Your blog is so rich and full of inspiration…can’t wait to see how God is going to use it…
    I’ll be glad to help you with the “technicalness” of blogging anytime you like. Just let me know!!

  2. Crystal Says:

    I am enjoying reading your blogs- don’t know how you have time to do it. Just wanted you to know that I am reading them and laughing daily. I didn’t know this is what “blogging” was. I had heard the term, but didn’t know what it means. I think it could be addicting.

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