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Lost and Found March 2, 2008

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We were stir crazy after having a week of sickness.  Feeling better so we thought we would take the kids to Barnes and Nobles.  My sister and me and our four little boys.

Started off well.  Had to have one trip to the bathroom for potty, then one trip for a spanking.  Then after continually pulling the 2 year old down from climbing every display possible…. I was literally two seconds late.  You know those crazy huge stacks of books they have where they are I guess putting the books out eventually but in the meantime they just leave them stacked in the path of crazy two year old whirlwinds…  He saw an Elmo book 3/4 of the way down the stack.

Slow motion moment, the stack tumbles.  As my sister and I apologize profusely to the nice sales clerk and for two minutes we try to no avail to restack the slippery new books.  We look at each other, pause, and jump up turning every which way to count four little boys, 1, 2, 3…. The littlest tike is nowhere to be found.  So we frantically take turns running around the store yelling for the little toddler who ALWAYS is babbling until this point.  Not a sound which makes us all the more frantic!

I run back to the kids area and find the two year old has dumped everything from the stroller basket, you know the drill and is now balancing precariously on the back of a chair trying to climb to the top rack of the stuffed animal shelves.  Aaaaggghhh! I grab the two year old, throw him in the stroller and yell at the 4 and 6 year old to not move and talk to noone and we widen our search.  Praise God we finally find little stealth boy and breath again. 

So we try to gather our brood and coats and reload the stroller to discover that my sister’s purse is missing.  Sneaky little man apparently dragged it around with him on his adventure!  So after 5 more frustrated minutes we track the purse down and grumbling go to our car:)

Lots of fun. Remind me again why we go out at all?


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