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Waiting Room March 3, 2008

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Not the best day of my life.  Not 1, not 2, but 3 1/2 hours in the doctor’s office with two of my boys.  Thank goodness my husband was home sick and kept my 2 year old home with him.  The doctor’s office is truly a test in mothering, patience, character and frustration tolerance.  You see the best and the worst come out in people.

You see a lot of people that need the Lord, in general but also right at that moment:)  I wish I could make some great spiritual connection to being in the waiting room and Christ or our relationship with God.  But I am not that great kind of blogger person.  At least not tonight.  I am sure there is a great analogy/correlation there but I don’t have it.

Instead I am just glad this day is through.  My sick husband and flu infested, rattly breathing, precious six year old are upstairs sleeping in our bed.  My two other boys are camped out downstairs and I am on the couch praying that we get at least six hours of sleep tonight.  My poor sister, her husband and baby are in the guest quarters just praying they don’t catch any of this:)  Good times, good times!

Any one that knows me well can guess what I did tonight once everyone went to bed and I finally wolfed down dinner.  What do I do when I am stressed and need comforting? 

Made chocolate chip cookies of course!  So my tummy is full and I just enjoyed Jon and Kate plus 8.  Off to bed!  God is good and gracious and always, always enough!


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