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Preparing Myself March 5, 2008

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For the one or two faithful readers of this random blog I am sending out an SOS for prayer. This week, tomorrow to be exact, begins our yard/driveway renovations.  Tomorrow a Bobcat (equipment not animal) will take up residence in our yard and all the gravel will be moved to our front yard to make a drive around and dirt, etc. will be moved to the back where gravel once was.  My understanding is that then more dirt will be moved around, upturned, etc. 

Then in the next week or two we will add more gravel and sod the back yard.  And finally a fence will be put up in the backyard.  This is a huge answer to prayer, as my constant fear is that my two year old will escape to the busy street in front of our house.

The reason I am requesting prayer is for patience for my husband and that somehow the Lord will help sedate me.  I don’t handle renovations well.  I feel it is hard enough to keep my household somewhat clean and things like this just throw everything into crazy mode.

When we had the ceilings fixed a few months back I pretty much freaked out.  My cleaning routine like tripled.  So the thought of constant mud, maneuvering 4 vehicles around equipment, dealing with strangers all around, keeping little fellas from climbing on afore mentioned equipment. 

Yes lots of fun.  I admit I should have a better attitude and this is exactly why I am requesting prayer.  I am reading Elizabeth George’s book A Woman After God’s Own Heart and the part I read today talks specifically about ministering to our husbands.  My husband so needs me to be appreciative and not to stress and freak out.  So I am really, really going to try and take it to the Cross.  And focus on things of eternal consequence.

Once we were old enough to understand, when we would come to my mom with a frustration, complaint or problem, she would ask…”Is it of eternal consequence?”  So come on Erika, put this in perspective girl:)


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