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In a funk March 6, 2008

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Have you ever been in a funk?  I was okay earlier and then it descended on me.  I really had a pretty okay day.  I have had the company of my sister and my two great friends picked up my kids and dropped them off for school.  I did have a few frustrations with the constant beep beeping of the bobcat in my yard throughout the day.  And my littlest squirt over and over trying to escape outside. 

 I did finally get a shower around 2pm and then we went and played outside at a friend’s house.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that this is one of those days where my boys’ behavior was just atrocious.  The amount of whining, not listening and acting disrespectfully just astounded and annoyed me.  I don’t think I was overly impatient.  I think for some reason they were just overly not behaving. 

And I tried to be positive, redirect, be consistent, not yell (too much at least).  But when we got home to fix dinner my husband was out working with the wonderful man and woman that have been working on my yard all day.  And those dear people, the bobcat and a dump truck were in my little old yard until 8:45pm. 

I am so blessed that they are done, especially because it is supposed to rain and rain tomorrow, but OH MY GOODNESS!  I just about lost it.  My kids went to bed without books, one with a spanking.  And then I began one final disinfecting rampage, just to be safe.  Sheets rewashed, lysol sprayed and toys disinfected. 

My sweet husband came in absolutely filthy.  He went and bought the crew dinner, which shows again he is the nice one out of the two of us, b/c I don’t think of things like that.  And I said can I please go out and buy myself some ice cream.  I just needed to get away.  Do you ever feel like that?  I love, love, love my family and my life but do you ever feel like you are going to jump out of your skin if you don’t get a brief break, change of scenery and new perspective?  Deep breath……

Hopefully most of you can relate and now are not simply thinking I am a nutcase. Have you ever heard the Amy Grant song “Saved by Love.” I can finally relate.

Laura loves her little family,
And shes the kind of woman who loves them with her life.
But sometimes in the evening,
When the world rests on her shoulders
With four walls closing in,
Shell close her eyes.


Its not like she misses being younger,
Though she never was in vogue magazine or on tv;
Her husband loves her dearly,
And the morning shows her clearly,
Kisses her little baby girl.
Laura, shes the queen of the world.

Cant imagine ever leaving now,
Now that shes been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
Listen to her quiet heart singing loud.
Laura, shes been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
I know that shes been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
Saved by love.

Theres nothing quite like my familys love to warm me,
And nothing short of deaths gonna ever leave me cold.
Well, still at times its lonely,
But through it all it only
Makes me love jesus more,
And this is what he came here for.

I cant imagine ever leaving now.
Now that Ive been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
Hes gone and turned my crazy world back around,
And Ive been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
I know that Ive been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love….

So with that thought before getting ice cream and driving off into the sunset, I had some quiet moments with the Lord and in His Word. Nothing earth shattering or even majorly significant. But He met me and brought me the peace and strength I needed to make it through the rest of this day. He is enough. No matter what. I am so glad He saves me all the time from myself… with His amazing loveSmile

Can anybody relate?  Come on help me out here…..


2 Responses to “In a funk”

  1. beckyray Says:

    You should check out the link to “The Spamy Network” on my site. She just wrote a post about being in a funk the other day. And thanks for the fond Amy Grant flashback. Now I feel like digging through my old cassettes and giving it a listen!

  2. Crystal Says:

    Just to make you feel better, we had a great day, but then Ryan started crying around 5:30 (4:30 really but I set my clocks forward a day early) and wouldn’t stop crying. So… I fixed green beans, a banana and a slice of white bread (not even toasted) for my kids for supper. Now I am taking a breather and thanking the Lord that the other two kids were good tonight- proof that he won’t give me more than I can handle. You are a great mom!!!!

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