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Ten Steps March 17, 2008

Filed under: Random stuff — erikaivory @ 9:12 pm

I thought I would share some of what I learned at the Break Out session with Tony Morgan from Newspring Church.  So here is a free blogging lesson for all you bloggers out thereSmile

The Ten Steps to Becoming Blogging BFFs

1. Determine your primary audience

You may also have a secondary audience.  Make sure you are communicating in their language.

2. Post regularly

3. Keep your post short

use bullet points and flirt rather than vomit

4. Don’t sell yourself

Be honest, be real

Share not just successes but failures also

5. Use humor

6. Stop attacking other people or ministries

7. Remember that blogging isn’t private

8. Be a thought leader

Make it your story and your thoughts, not just regurgitate someone else’s info

9. Don’t listen to your critics

10. Reveal the real you.

Do what you know, don’t try what you don’t know


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