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Springtime in Florence March 19, 2008

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I LOVE springtime in Florence.  Now other times of the year our city can be somewhat, humdrum, perhaps; but in the springtime, Florence is absolutely lovely.Smile

The azaleas are blooming, the dogwoods are just today starting to unfold, the wisteria will soon follow, and the weather is just glorious!  I love driving down Cherokee Road this time of year.  Any Anne of Green Gables fans out there?  The White Way has nothing on Cherokee Road during the spring.

 My boys and I love old Ebenezer Park this time of year.  We practically camp out.  We come in the morning, go do morning drop off at school, picnic for lunch, baby falls asleep in the car or stroller, there is usually a gaggle of moms and kids… so one or two moms run carpool for everyone else, have snacks and play until dinnertime or we hear the ice cream truck and head for the hills.  I love it!

Now granted we really only have three weeks in the spring and three weeks in the fall that allow us this leisure we call park time.  But we take full advantage of those six weeks.  Any other time of the year we face cold, mosquito infestation, sweltering heat or dehydration and the park is so lonely.  I savor this time:)

I also choose to look at my glass as half full and try to ignore the thick layer of yellow pollen that my children and I carry all over our bodies as we leave the park. 

Bliss….springtime in Florence!


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