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Easter March 22, 2008

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I LOVE dying Easter eggs.  My brothers used to tease me that the only reason they participated in that activity was because I made them do it.  It was probably true.  So yesterday the boys didn’t have school and we dyed Easter eggs and for the first year in a long time it actually was fun and not stressful!

I also adore Easter egg hunts but now that I am officially too old to hunt for them and simply am the hider over and over and over and over again.  It is not quite as much fun.  I also love Peeps.  Anyone else?  The Easter bunny always brought them (I actually first typed the word brang– what in the world is wrong with me?  Have I just lived in SC too long?  I am convinced I need to start taking memory enhancers or something and I swear I am not pregnant.  Oxygen deprived? Sheesh!) Anyways the bunny brought them and I always traded my brothers my marshmallow bunnies for the Peeps.  But now I am the only one that likes them around here so they don’t arrive in our baskets anymore:(

These are great memories but I love how the older I become the more significant the true reason for Easter becomes.  It is really, truly amazing.  Someone made the point recently that we spend like two months building up to Christmas but we spend maybe a weekend at most celebrating the resurrection of Christ.  Which is the main point of what we believe, you know?

So feeling convicted about that I am trying to find more ways to teach my boys how important Easter is and what a time of celebration it is.  I also want to let my youngest know that Easter is about more than this huge rabbit that he, turns out, is scared of.  He cannot understand why we are excited about a large bunny coming into our house in the night when we are asleep.  Not into that.

We do the Resurrection Eggs, which have twelve colored, plastic eggs and in each one is a symbol that helps tell the Easter story.  They love those.  We went and bought a special children’s book that is about Christ’s death and resurrection.  They like to look at that and read through it together.

Someone also sent a cool recipe to make cookies with a Bible verse for each ingredient then overnight they cook and in the morning they are “empty” like the tomb.  We are going to try those tomorrow.  So what about you?  How do you make Easter special and memorable for your family?


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