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Mission Accomplished! March 23, 2008

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Since we went to church yesterday at Newspring Church in Anderson, SC we did not go anywhere to “church” today.  We felt like everyone on our street thought we were heathens and we wanted to post a sign that said we went yesterday:)  But it was actually such a sweet, restful, beautiful day!

We went and bought doughnuts (actually Mark did) and we had a family devotion time.  We stayed in our pajamas most of the day.  Everyone but Mark napped, including me, which was glorious.  The little guy was up with a cough much of the night so sleep was hard to find for some of us during the night. 

After my nap I felt so rejuvenated and it was so pretty outside that I decided to tackle cleaning out the garage and moving a bunch of my husband’s work stuff out there.  He helped for much of it.  When I set my mind to accomplish a task like that I become a maniac.  Nothing is going to stop me from doing it and getting it done.  Mark said that I am not allowed to take naps anymore on Sunday afternoons:)

But we really are both glad to get it done because it is one of those chores that we have been putting off for like over a year.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is not really clean or organized but it is soooo much better than it was.  And at least a little safer:)  Our garage is one of those places that I only want people who really, really care about me and love me unconditionally to see.  Because someone that doesn’t know me well might look in there and their opinion of me forever be marred:)

So thankful for a restful Easter.  If you have a moment check out the website  This church in Charlotte, NC is less than two years old with two portable campuses that meet in high schools.  They have multiple services and had 4800 people attend this morning and 500 first-time decisions for Christ!  What!!!! Yes, is that awesome or what?  Steven Furtick is the pastor.  He is a 27 year old guy from Moncks Corner, SC and he is sold out for Jesus.  They have an awesome staff, actually for CSU folks that read this, Philip McCart is on staff there. 

Anyways many of you have heard of them, but it is totally worth your time to listen to one of their services online and even better to go for a visit.  It is only two hours from Florence and they give out free earplugs at the door because that is how pumped up their praise and worship is.  Oh and their volunteers really love on your kids!  So, really, check them out!


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