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Sweet friends! March 30, 2008

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I am constantly amazed at the way I am blessed with wonderful, uplifting, godly friends.  One friend from college sent me an encouraging, uplifting email filled with hope.  One friend watched and loved on my children Saturday so I could be with Mark at the hospital.  One friend took over church responsibilities for me when her plate was way, way more than full.  I have had many phone calls and email messages from precious friends just encouraging us and letting us know that they are praying for us.

I am truly thankful and my cup is full.  My friend Jenny Pruitt wrote a beautiful, encouraging but raw look at some of the emotions and questions we are dealing with right now.  She put it so well that I hope you will take some time to meditate on it at .  And I am including a wonderful email from my ultra positive friend Kara.  I talked to her this weekend and she was dealing with a household of sick children and husband all the while sick herself, yet she found time to reach out and encourage me.  That is what I am talking about.  I can’t stay down in the dumps with friends like that. To whom much is given, much is expected.

When all else fails, I find myself on my face again.  Longing to feel the presence of my King and not the cares of this world.  I thought with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, I would send the beautiful women in my life a song that has inspired me in more ways than one.

I sometimes break down and cry when I think of the woman who wrote this short song and how

she allowed God to wrap His arms around her, pulling her closer to His heart.  When you read these words, know this mighty woman of God sat down at her piano shortly after the death of one of her children and sang these words:

I have come with one intent, one desire to fulfill,

to Worship you  Lord, laying down everything,

falling at your feet, I sing

You alone are worthy, You alone are faithful,

You alone are God and worthy to be praised

You alone are worthy, You alone are faithful,

You alone are God and worthy to be praised

When we are faced with the impossible and may not see the beautiful weather that lies past the storm that surrounds us, remember: ALL things are possible with Him and He knows the plans He has for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, that beautiful rainbow in the sky is coming.  In the mean time, we wait, He will give us strength, but patiently wait……even if every now and again we are falling at His feet.


5 Responses to “Sweet friends!”

  1. Mom Says:

    I love you. I am sorry I have not called but know that you are swamped and just want to keep praying. I guess I also cannot speak of it as it comes to close to home, too easy for it to be me or Daddy and not sure if I would be able to be as rooted and grounded as I hear Tom is!! What a blessing. We went to the Greenwoods for dinner tonight and Bill said that when his mom was dying he was amazed at her strength and commented to his sister. “Wow, mom taught us how to live beautifully , now she is teaching us how to die beautifully!!”
    I will call tomorrow night.
    I will continue to pray. I love you.

  2. Kim Says:

    Dear Erika,
    How encouraging that you are feeling God’s presence through this difficult time! We are praying for you and your sweet family! Life is tough enough dealing with our own selves, but when ones we love are suffering, sometimes it seems unbearable! I am so glad God has some pretty big shoulders because he can carry it all for us! May God be glorified through Tom and may you as a family rest in God’s presence. We love you!

    ~Kim & the rest of the Colorado Edmonds!

  3. jennypruitt Says:

    Hey sweet friend. I have been praying for you. I wrote that “God is Love” entry after reading the news of Mark’s dad. We love your family and his. My parents and all of us are so incredibly upset. If I had been handwriting that entry, the paper would have been drenched with tears–I bawled through the whole thing. I’m so sorry…I don’t understand God sometimes…but He is using you AND Mark to bring glory to His name in all of this….you are an encouragement…..much love, jenny

  4. Technonana Says:

    Praying with you and for you!

  5. Philip Good Says:

    Hi Erika, I stumbled across the words to the song “You Alone are Worthy” on your blog. You can now find it on I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon Music,and Rhapsody! My wife wrote that song the night before our youngest daughter’s funeral and sang it at the funeral. We’re glad it can be of comfort to others. Blessings!

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