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Cleaning the car April 30, 2008

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Cleaning my car is one of those things that I always seem to need to do but just only make the time to do it once I am completely disgusted with my car or someone rides in it with me and I am then mortified into finally cleaning it.  The thing is that it is difficult to do with three little fellas climbing in and out and over seats. 

So over the past few days I have been little by little unloading toys, bags, water bottles, crayons, books, you name it out of the car. And then I finally collected enough quarters to put in that loud vacuum.  So I was fairly set, but the hardest part is finding a time when I have either no or only a few little boys and they are in fairly cooperative spirits and I am up to the challenge.

So the other night on the way home from somewhere I only had the two little boys and I decided to do it.  The plan was to take the car seats out and strap the boys into them so I knew they were safe.  Also this would assure that Eli would not get hit by a car or climb into someone else’s vehicle and hide in the back until they pulled out of the gas station and he decided to ask for fruit bites and scare them to death.

Well as soon as I pulled the car seats out and picked up all the trash it started to rain.  I was not turning back.  I had come too far.  So I decided to let the seats get wet and just vacuumed away all the while yelling at the boys over the incredibly loud vacuum, “move here!”  “Now move there!” “No back there!!” “What are you doing!!!”  “Stay in the car!!!!”  “I know it is loud!!!!!!”

It got vacuumed.  It was fun.  The seats didn’t get too wet.  And then once the boys were strapped in and the floors clean I then realized how dirty the cup holders and dash and door handles were.  So I crawled all over the car with wet wipes scrubbing.  Good times:)!!!!


Another Disclaimer

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Today for only the second time in my 8 1/2 year history I mowed the lawn.  My wonderful husband jokingly asked me if I would do it, knowing full well that is way out of my comfort zone so therefore I wouldn’t do it.  He so has his hands full right now.  Work is busy and crazy and in the evening/nights he is either with his father or trying to get to the boys’ baseball practice (4 nights a week.) 

The last time I mowed the lawn I was very pregnant but used the riding lawn mower and cut it way, way too short and really messed up large portions of our lawn.  Not to mention that I also got it stuck in our ditch out front.  But this time it was just a push mower and I figured surely I could figure this out.  It is not that the lawn looked that bad, but I knew it was bugging Mark and he truly has just not had time so I figured I could move my lazy self out there and help a little.

I could not figure out how to start it and called him to have him walk me through it.  I still couldn’t figure it out so I was then going to call my super-capable friends Crystal or Julie (who both like to mow their lawns:) but thank goodness my sweet 80+ year old neighbor came out and rescued me.  Apparently I wasn’t pulling the cord hard enough and fast enough.  That was a touch humbling. 

So when you look at our front yard and think, “What happened?”  Because it’s really not the best job:)  It was all me!


Who’s a scaredy cat?

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Only two of my faithful readers watched Plan B?  Come on!  I know it is long, but it really is worth it!!!!  It talks about when the dreams and hopes we have are never realized and coming to terms with the fact that despite the fact that we are not getting “exactly what we want”….. Plan B is how we view it but in God’s great love and purpose all along that was His Plan A from the beginning.

The video does a much better job but when your marriage is struggling, when your church splits, when your father-in-law comes down with cancer, when you lose your job, when someone you love keeps screwing up… none of these things catch God by surprise.  He is right there and has a plan and a purpose.  Can we trust Him?  Come on, here’s another chance….


Plan B April 29, 2008

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Okay, friends.  I have another video to pass on and I don’t really like this kind of thing, because it is long and it is sad and my time is important too….But this is the most moving, real-life, shake you around inside, make you think, yet beautiful videos I have ever seen online.  So settle in and watch, because if you don’t I promise you will regret it.  It isn’t just a video for people with kids or people that like sad stories.  It is for people that have had or are in the middle of a storm, a crisis of belief…. when God hands you what feels like a Plan B and it down-right sucks.  It is full of hope, full of truth, full of the joy that comes with deep peace.

So go ahead friends, trust me on this one.  Be brave…

and Angie’s blog is

Oh and make a comment if you watch it.  I want to know who the brave ones are:)


Lesson from Aslan

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The following is a conversation between Aslan and Lucy from C.S. Lewis’ book Prince Caspian,

“Welcome, child,” he said.
“Aslan,” said Lucy, “you’re bigger.”
“That is because you are older, little one,” answered he.
“Not because you are?”
“I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.”

McCall, Haig and I are reading this book so we can go see the Disney movie when it comes out in May. I read the Chronicles of Narnia as a child but I am loving the experience as an adult. So much of the symbolism and depth of course are lost on the boys but I am trying to catch as much as I can because it is beautiful.

It totally makes sense that as we grow things that stay the same should then seem smaller, right? Like I went to a “theme park Mexican restaurant” in Denver as a child called Casa Bonita. Kind of like a Mexican Chuck E. Cheese but massive. At least my memories of it are incredible. I remember a scary pirate cave, and cliff divers, fire-eating natives and incredible Mexican food. Well, when I went back to the place in my twenties, boy was I disappointed. The food was worse than Taco Bell, the cliff divers were teenagers jumping into a little pool, there was nothing scary about the cheesy pirate themed hallways and the only thing that lived up to my memories were the light up glow in the dark necklaces.

Tonight as I was reading the latest chapter in Prince Caspian, the above conversation made me pause a moment and realize that God is so cool this way.  As we grow in Him, He doesn’t shrink or become easier to manage or even understand.  He becomes more amazing, majestic, sovereign and the depth of His love is what, infinite?  I just love that!

We can never master all that He is.  We can never become smarter than Him (thank goodness.)  Our growth doesn’t minimize or limit Him.  It takes me a minute to make that stick in my brain because it is backward thinking in comparison to what we know in our world.  We only begin to realize His greatness because the other kicker is He never, ever changes:)  I am smiling because that rocks my world!!!!


Cotton pickin’ tired April 28, 2008

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This is one of those nights where I am just “done.”  Unfortunately my boys understand way too well what that means.  I just have nothing left.  By 8pm I just am plain out of energy, patience, creativity, kindness, etc.  Yes, realistically I can keep giving and I do to some level but I up front tell them, “Mommy, is done!” 

 I also realize that this is probably not teaching them a great concept of Christ’s constant presence and provision for us.  But….. it is my way of saying, “you best obey and get to bed b/c Mommy is out of warnings and sweet words, ya hear?”

I truly have no reason to be overly tired and no reason to complain, but does anyone else just reach that “wall” some nights?  I do have to admit that I am tired of putting Eli to bed repeatedly every night.  I am so ready to return to the days where he would sweetly drift off to sleep without being “disciplined” first.  It is our nightly delight to go upstairs and see what havoc he has wrought during his pre-sleep time.  He climbs out of his pack and play, which he is in because we took the crib down after he repeatedly threw himself out of it, but he stays a little bit better in this than in his big boy bed.

He gets out and plays in his room and our room and gets into things.  One of his favorite tricks is also to completely undress and fall asleep in our bed naked:)  Another funny one was when I went to check on him he found a box of rubber bands from Mark’s office, somehow snuck them upstairs and put them all up and down his legs and tried to put them in his hair. (They were very loose ones, no worries.)

Last night he put tons of books in the pack and play and made a tent out of his blankets and opened my lotion and smeared it everywhere.  Tonight, already, he took all the pillows off of my bed and put them on the floor, took my shoes out of my closet, went under my bed and found my hand weights and put them in his pack and play and I intercepted him when he was taking all of his blankets and stuffed animals to set up camp in front of the tv in my room.  He did all this in the 10-12 minutes that I was reading to, tucking the other boys in. 

Yes, these type of shenanigans do wear me out:)  He is a joy and delight though and I look forward to what else he has up his sleeves for me!  Mark is spending the night up at the hospital with his dad tonight, so I don’t have anyone to remind me that it is time for bed.  These “alone” nights tend to wake the night owl in me and that is poor decision making on my part because morning comes just as quickly.  So I am signing off, night night!


Digging April 27, 2008

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A little nugget I read in Life on Hold:Finding Hope in the Face of Serious Illness.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was martyred during World War II, says that whoever avoids suffering also throws away God’s greatest gifts:
“The tribulation that seems so harsh and abhorrent in our lives is in truth full of the most wonderful treasures a Christian can find. It is like an oyster with a pearl inside, like a deep mine shaft in which one finds one metal after another the deeper one descends into it: first ore, then silver, and finally gold. Suffering produces patience, and then experience, and then hope.”

Keep diggin’