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Maybe April 4, 2008

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If I don’t blog over the weekend it means that it turned out that Mark and I were able to go to Charleston for a getaway and to run the Cooper River Bridge Run.  So excited but we only can go if all goes well with Tom.  Which would be a double blessing because that would mean he gets to go home! 

We have such amazing, wonderful friends that are all outdoing each other on offers to keep our kids.  And saying amazingly wonderful, selfless things like even if we can’t go out of town they would like to keep our kids so we can still have a weekend to be still and together.  Who is blessed enough to have not just one friend like that but several?  Me!  I am just blown away by the goodness of the people that the Lord has put in my life.  I am sooooo unworthy and yet so, so grateful.  I just pray that I can bless back these people and soon.  Do you hear me Maure, Becca, Crystal, Cookie, Wendi and the list goes on of the people that have offered to help me with childcare?  I am one blessed gal. 

So here’s to friendship and “blessing back.”  I am off to pack and clean with hope in my heart.  We serve a Mighty, Mighty God, don’t we:)


One Response to “Maybe”

  1. jennypruitt Says:

    I so wished that we lived closer… I would love to help you out with your sweet boys during this time. I KNOW Will and Josh would LOVE hanging out with your crew. Have a great bridge run…. I’m so jealous… we miss charleston so much. 🙂

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