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Sacred Marriage April 9, 2008

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Some of the blogs I follow have commented on the book “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas.  I have never read it but I have heard of it many times.  It asks the questions What if God designed marriage for our holiness not our happiness?

Wow, I don’t know about you but that has made me think, really, really hard.  Mark and I are in a good place as a couple right now but the circumstances of our life is not easy street at the moment.  And although neither of us have made poor choices or sinned to get us here, it is still our marriage that binds us together as a team to face these challenges. 

Wading through this time is hopefully making us holy, but not necessarily happy.  I can think of so many people right now in marriages that are facing sickness, or their spouse is depressed or making poor choices or basically ignoring them.  And although the wordly temptation is to bail…. because their marriage is NOT a happy one.  But what if marriage isn’t really designed to make us happy, but perhaps this covenant with our spouse and the circumstances that accompany it are truly designed to bring about holiness in us.

Wow, a lot to consider.  Quite a paradigm shift for me.  So the focus for me should not be on how comfortable and happy I am….me, me, me….. but instead how my response to whatever my spouse brings to my life can bring about holiness.  Which means dependence on Christ, abiding in Him, dying to self, serving others selflessly, fleshing out Christ’s love.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I think I need to go buy a copy of that book.


One Response to “Sacred Marriage”

  1. Mom Says:

    How come I never write the books when I think of them (or God drops them in my head) I guess I must not be very obedient! I can’t tell you how many times I have shared with people that marriage is about “iron sharpening iron” and that it is meant to make us into something that is worthy of eternity…not to make us happy here on earth (at least not the primary reason!) Now maybe I should be believing for more though since it seems like we haven’t had a lot of the happy part recently!! (Not really, God has been awesome)
    May buy the book too!

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