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Crazy Children April 11, 2008

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Today has been a good day.  I actually made it to the gym and then went summer sand toy shopping at Target.  That place is dangerous.  Really!  Found so many cute things that I never realized I needed.  You go in there determined to only buy this and this and somehow there is like “crack marketing” in the air we breath in Target and you become convinced that you need the most random things and you actually buy them.  And then write when you hit the light at Chuck E. Cheese you get hit with buyer’s remorse and start trying to desperately think how you are going to explain to your husband why exactly you had to buy a sandwich maker, a Madonna cd and new decorative drawer handles for the bathroom.

Anyhow….We went to the beach this evening b/c Mark was taking a doctor to dinner and had a hotel room so we decided to tag along.  He went to dinner and the boys and I played on the beach for like 45 minutes with our cool new sand toys.  Eli has carried his new “shubbel” around all day.  It took him like exactly 30 seconds to get soaking wet  and covered with sand so even though the water is freezing they are all in the water and having a blast.  That was extremely therapeutic for me, watching them laugh and play and splash and throw mud balls at all the pretty college girls walking by in their bikinis…. It really was fun. 

Which is good because then I had three hours with them in the hotel, ……………..with a balcony.  The bath went okay and even the pizza picnic with doughnuts for dessert on the floor.  (Yes mother of the year for nutritional value.  We did have fruit juice boxes:)

We moved to books and winding down time.  Then my parents call which is great because my dad was admitted to the hospital last night for chest pains and had a heart cath today.  So I was waiting to hear.  No, that’s okay we did not have enough things to pray about this week (that’s why we got a room on the 6th floor with a balcony:)  Nobody falls off but keep reading still.

So my dad called to say he is okay and home, praise the Lord.  I seriously have a 10-15 minute conversation with both of my parents and during this my children turn into little banshee spawn.  They jump on the beds, hit one another with pillows, take off all their clothes, turn off the lights, I redress them, they take off their clothes again, take off diapers.  I would periodically stop while dodging pillows to redirect, then threaten, then spank.  But I wanted to hear how my dad was and I knew he was headed to bed.

I had it.  I lost it once I got off the phone.  Major guilt lecture.  Not too therapy inducing but heavy on the “I am so disappointed and embarassed by your behavior.”  Why do they do that?  And now the two big ones are for the most part settled except for when they hear Eli ramble on and on.  We have a video monitor at home and usually turn the sound down at bed time.  Apparently this is good because he goes on and on and on.  (Like this blog, I know.)  Eli asked for a tissue so I gave it to him, but discovered soon afterwards that he was pretending it was gum.  And then when I went to retrieve it I found he also put it in his ears.  I am tired.  And I don’t really understand their craziness.  I hope it made you laugh and I am sure it will make me laugh tomorrow maybe.  Right now I just want my little wild man to Stop Talking and Go To Sleep!  AAAAGGGHHHH!


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