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Making Memories April 16, 2008

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Every day recently I seem to be reminded of how fleeting time is and how important it is to make wise use of it.  This also leads me to examine what memories and lasting images I am  leaving for my boys.  I want them to feel like they had a chance to know me and have some tangible reminders of who “Mommy” is if I were ever to be taken from them unexpectedly.

So last night we had family pictures made.  We majorly splurged but we decided with everything currently going on we wanted to make sure they were great.  It was a super fun experience and I think we also made a fun memory at the same time.

I also have a journal for each of them in which I try to write to them at least twice a year if not more often.  Of course it should be more often but at least this way they have my handwriting and my thoughts toward just them, individually that they can look back on.  They are so young but I hope someday these thoughts and prayers that I am recording will be precious to them.

So tonight I am going to make another entry, no matter how tired I am.  Because it has been too long since I have written in them.  I am glad that I don’t number my days, but while I have this one I want to make good use of it.

How about you?  Any special ways you are making tangible memories for your little ones?


One Response to “Making Memories”

  1. John Swindler Says:

    Erika, it was so good to read your thoughts. I know this is a tough time for Mark with his dad, and he may have told you about some of the drama going on in my life. I appreciate so much his listening ear for me, when I know there is so much going on in his life now….but that is what true friends are for, and I consider Mark one of those in my life, and trust me, I have learned lately that I have very few of those. Just wanted you to know that you and your boys are in my prayers, and it always brings great joy to my heart whenever I am able to visit with you all. Keep me in your prayers this week, I’m sure I’ll be calling Mark with the next chapter in this saga called my life. We love you all.
    Keep Believing!

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