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Some random thoughts April 24, 2008

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Eli, Haig and I spent most of the day at Lynche’s River State Park.  Such a beautiful day!  Perfect park day.  It was fun, lots of moms and kids and I met a couple neat new moms.  New to me that is:)  I was pretty well-behaved, those that know me well know that I love to stalk moms sitting on park benches.  I only made three new friends.  I was feeling a little insecure.  Seriously, it was a crowd of most moms that I know by name but are not part of my circle.  I was the outsider which I don’t experience as much as I probably should.  It was a good uncomfortable feeling, b/c it reminded me of how badly I do not want other people to experience that.  At least if I can help it.  Especially when they come to the church I am part of, my neighborhood or anywhere I have influence.

On another note, I am feeling a bit frustrated toward some males currently. (Not my sweet husband… really.)  I know many, many godly, amazing husbands and fathers.  They are stellar and make me so thankful, proud and secure.  I also know many men that currently just plain old suck.  Perry Noble at Newspring Church ( is currently doing a series about/for men that really rocks.  And the thing is it is safe to say that most of my readers (however few they are) are women.  So these messages are certainly worth your listen but it would be most awesome for MEN to listen to them.  Not just to convict (however surely they will) but also to encourage and teach.

And the few men that would actually take the time and risk to listen to them probably are already doing a great job in these areas.  So frustrating.  And what do you do, tie them to a chair and put headphones on them and force them to listen?  I am willing, but this most likely is not the best option.  So my final thought is that we cannot control them but we sure can pray like heck for them.  And THAT is powerful stuff.  I am convicted most certainly that I am not praying often enough or strongly enough for the men in my life.  Neither the great ones nor the sorry sapsuckers. (Sorry,Cookie, that is probably poor grammar;)  So I am renewing my commitment to pray for these men that affect my life and the lives of those I love.  There is certainly great power in prayer.  THAT assurance makes me smile a sly smile.  As my mom used to say, “Just sick God on ’em!”


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