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Disclaimer April 26, 2008

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I just included a new sidebar that includes the books I am currently reading.  I did not add this so you can think I am super holy.  Seriously?  Come on….. this is just more solid evidence of my difficulty with finishing things and focusing.  Which also can be seen in my housekeeping.  Alas I continue to work on this.

 I also have to say I am a self-help book junkie.  I just love those books.  Can’t get enough of them.  I also have a stack of books elbow high that I plan to read next.  Oh, one of my recent obsessions is with .  Great way to get rid of books you have already finished and gain some new ones.

So for those of you that truly love me, if you ever are looking for a gift idea…. gift certificates to bookstores, or my husband would appreciate more another bookshelf.  I really have improved in this area and consistently get rid of books instead of just keeping them all.  I get this trait honestly, straight from my mom.  But for the sake of my marriage I am working on it.Wink


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