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The Silent Enemy April 26, 2008

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unseen, unheard, unfortunately often undetected

it steals, slides and slowly takes over

not only the physical…  sapping strength, vigor and vitality

but claiming mentally and emotionally what it does not rightfully deserve


peace of mind, dreams, plans, the future

leaving holes in the family picture

in our hearts

it tries to deceive and make its lies believable

trying to extinguish life, but while it may sometimes win the torturous physical battle

it cannot, will not, may not win the war within our spirit

it will never be victor for there is only One

the same that renews us on wings not our own

that comforts and soothes with the balm of Gilead

that renews our strength and also our hope

This Healer meets us at each and every place of our pain

He walks with us through each test, trial and task

giving to us, not taking away

renewing, reviving and refilling

with All that we need

This Hope, this Strength, this Life allows us to face the enemy of our souls

and look forward to each sunrise and smile with hope at each sunset


One Response to “The Silent Enemy”

  1. Erika's mom (Midge Edmond) Says:

    This is beautiful…did you write this? Love Mom

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