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Cotton pickin’ tired April 28, 2008

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This is one of those nights where I am just “done.”  Unfortunately my boys understand way too well what that means.  I just have nothing left.  By 8pm I just am plain out of energy, patience, creativity, kindness, etc.  Yes, realistically I can keep giving and I do to some level but I up front tell them, “Mommy, is done!” 

 I also realize that this is probably not teaching them a great concept of Christ’s constant presence and provision for us.  But….. it is my way of saying, “you best obey and get to bed b/c Mommy is out of warnings and sweet words, ya hear?”

I truly have no reason to be overly tired and no reason to complain, but does anyone else just reach that “wall” some nights?  I do have to admit that I am tired of putting Eli to bed repeatedly every night.  I am so ready to return to the days where he would sweetly drift off to sleep without being “disciplined” first.  It is our nightly delight to go upstairs and see what havoc he has wrought during his pre-sleep time.  He climbs out of his pack and play, which he is in because we took the crib down after he repeatedly threw himself out of it, but he stays a little bit better in this than in his big boy bed.

He gets out and plays in his room and our room and gets into things.  One of his favorite tricks is also to completely undress and fall asleep in our bed naked:)  Another funny one was when I went to check on him he found a box of rubber bands from Mark’s office, somehow snuck them upstairs and put them all up and down his legs and tried to put them in his hair. (They were very loose ones, no worries.)

Last night he put tons of books in the pack and play and made a tent out of his blankets and opened my lotion and smeared it everywhere.  Tonight, already, he took all the pillows off of my bed and put them on the floor, took my shoes out of my closet, went under my bed and found my hand weights and put them in his pack and play and I intercepted him when he was taking all of his blankets and stuffed animals to set up camp in front of the tv in my room.  He did all this in the 10-12 minutes that I was reading to, tucking the other boys in. 

Yes, these type of shenanigans do wear me out:)  He is a joy and delight though and I look forward to what else he has up his sleeves for me!  Mark is spending the night up at the hospital with his dad tonight, so I don’t have anyone to remind me that it is time for bed.  These “alone” nights tend to wake the night owl in me and that is poor decision making on my part because morning comes just as quickly.  So I am signing off, night night!


2 Responses to “Cotton pickin’ tired”

  1. jennypruitt Says:

    I am EXACTLY where you are tonight. I so needed to read this. I came downstairs and just cried… I’m exhausted… It’s 9pm and Chris isn’t home yet…Josh won’t stay in his bed… actually he’s STILL awake.. I can hear him playing in his room….so..fortunately Chris WILL be home soon and that will help me go to sleep… otherwise… for some reason.. I can’t EVER seem to go to bed at a decent time if I’m all by myself….I will pray you get some sleep….much love…jenny

  2. John Swindler Says:

    Erika, it was good to see Mark at the hospital Saturday briefly while we were in Florence. I am praying for all of you daily…wow, you have got your hands BEYOND full, but just remember, God has YOU in His hands! Even though I do not see you, Mark and your boys very often I enjoy so much reading about your lives through your blogs. You are great people, and I am honored to call you true friends…those are really rare in life. We love you all, praying for you as you all go through this difficult time. As I tell myself many times each day, God IS in control.
    Keep Believing!

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