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Another Disclaimer April 30, 2008

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Today for only the second time in my 8 1/2 year history I mowed the lawn.  My wonderful husband jokingly asked me if I would do it, knowing full well that is way out of my comfort zone so therefore I wouldn’t do it.  He so has his hands full right now.  Work is busy and crazy and in the evening/nights he is either with his father or trying to get to the boys’ baseball practice (4 nights a week.) 

The last time I mowed the lawn I was very pregnant but used the riding lawn mower and cut it way, way too short and really messed up large portions of our lawn.  Not to mention that I also got it stuck in our ditch out front.  But this time it was just a push mower and I figured surely I could figure this out.  It is not that the lawn looked that bad, but I knew it was bugging Mark and he truly has just not had time so I figured I could move my lazy self out there and help a little.

I could not figure out how to start it and called him to have him walk me through it.  I still couldn’t figure it out so I was then going to call my super-capable friends Crystal or Julie (who both like to mow their lawns:) but thank goodness my sweet 80+ year old neighbor came out and rescued me.  Apparently I wasn’t pulling the cord hard enough and fast enough.  That was a touch humbling. 

So when you look at our front yard and think, “What happened?”  Because it’s really not the best job:)  It was all me!


3 Responses to “Another Disclaimer”

  1. Mark Chapman Says:

    I have the greatest wife in the world. Maybe not the best landscaper, but definatly the best wife. Thanks Babe!!

  2. Julie Says:

    I am so proud of you!!! Don’t worry though, I’m not allowed to touch the edger or weed-eater. 🙂
    Love ya! Julie

  3. Erika I am so proud of you! Jeff is generally very kind and mows my lawn for me even though he has his own yard to take care of too. It seems like every time I try to mow my yard some terribly dramatic thing occurs! Twice I have stepped into gopher holes and severely sprained my ankle and the last time I saw a baby snake, screamed like the chicken I am and retreated back to the house. I have since decided that my efforts are better spent elsewhere and thankfully Jeff agrees!

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