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Cleaning the car April 30, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 9:37 pm

Cleaning my car is one of those things that I always seem to need to do but just only make the time to do it once I am completely disgusted with my car or someone rides in it with me and I am then mortified into finally cleaning it.  The thing is that it is difficult to do with three little fellas climbing in and out and over seats. 

So over the past few days I have been little by little unloading toys, bags, water bottles, crayons, books, you name it out of the car. And then I finally collected enough quarters to put in that loud vacuum.  So I was fairly set, but the hardest part is finding a time when I have either no or only a few little boys and they are in fairly cooperative spirits and I am up to the challenge.

So the other night on the way home from somewhere I only had the two little boys and I decided to do it.  The plan was to take the car seats out and strap the boys into them so I knew they were safe.  Also this would assure that Eli would not get hit by a car or climb into someone else’s vehicle and hide in the back until they pulled out of the gas station and he decided to ask for fruit bites and scare them to death.

Well as soon as I pulled the car seats out and picked up all the trash it started to rain.  I was not turning back.  I had come too far.  So I decided to let the seats get wet and just vacuumed away all the while yelling at the boys over the incredibly loud vacuum, “move here!”  “Now move there!” “No back there!!” “What are you doing!!!”  “Stay in the car!!!!”  “I know it is loud!!!!!!”

It got vacuumed.  It was fun.  The seats didn’t get too wet.  And then once the boys were strapped in and the floors clean I then realized how dirty the cup holders and dash and door handles were.  So I crawled all over the car with wet wipes scrubbing.  Good times:)!!!!


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