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Who’s a scaredy cat? April 30, 2008

Filed under: Deep thoughts — erikaivory @ 7:57 pm

Only two of my faithful readers watched Plan B?  Come on!  I know it is long, but it really is worth it!!!!  It talks about when the dreams and hopes we have are never realized and coming to terms with the fact that despite the fact that we are not getting “exactly what we want”….. Plan B is how we view it but in God’s great love and purpose all along that was His Plan A from the beginning.

The video does a much better job but when your marriage is struggling, when your church splits, when your father-in-law comes down with cancer, when you lose your job, when someone you love keeps screwing up… none of these things catch God by surprise.  He is right there and has a plan and a purpose.  Can we trust Him?  Come on, here’s another chance….


2 Responses to “Who’s a scaredy cat?”

  1. crystal Says:

    Alright, I watched it and cried. You are two for two on your videos. That was really sweet, I liked the idea that none of this is Gods Plan B, he has a plan for us even if it isn’t what we thought our plan would be. Crystal

  2. Vanessa Says:

    I started watching it, then Matthan got into something and I had to stop. I will watch it, I just need to find a time after he’s in bed and I can sit quietly and really focus!

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