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Chicken Pox Scars May 1, 2008

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When Eli gets hot I can see his little chicken pox scars on his face.  They don’t make me sad though.  Instead each time I see them (and around this time of year they stand out more and more often) I am so grateful and amazed at God’s goodness.  Most of you know and remember how when he was about 6 months old he was hospitalized for 8 days because of complications with a bad case of chicken pox.

 We almost lost him.  There was no “reason” he should have survived.  Only God’s grace.  I am so grateful for God’s grace.  Eli is a gift and God’s grace is a gift.  I am glad that when we are at the park or he is getting out of a warm bath and I see those little scars…. they make me pause and appreciate God’s grace and goodness.

When Eli is big and away from me I so hope that I will have grown to the point where I don’t need such visual reminders but right now in my immaturity I love that the Lord left those scars to remind me.  I pray that I can teach Eli to look at those little circles for what they are to me…the fingerprints of God’s touch on His life.


3 Responses to “Chicken Pox Scars”

  1. John Swindler Says:

    Great to see you and Eli and Will today! Loved your entry about cleaning out the car too! You and Mark are such a blessing in my life. Pray for us over the weekend as we travel to Birmingham to see Alana.
    Keep Believing!

  2. Wow!What a memory God has etched into our minds!Totally waiting for Him in His sovereignty to reveal what He had planned for Eli. He is good, no matter what happens, huh?
    Love to read about your days!

  3. Crystal Bausmith Says:

    I remember when Eli was sick- is was the scary, I don’t know how he pulled through it. Praise the Lord that he did because he is a joy and I love that boy!!!

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