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Amazingly Different May 7, 2008

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Isn’t it funny and amazing how different each of our children are?  They of course have their very different personalities but then, wow, the things they like and dislike are night and day.

I was laughing about this tonight while I was giving them a bath.  McCall is so verbal and has never met a stranger.  He is curious and loves to research. is like his favorite thing in the world right now.  The other day he was going on and on about how much he loves science but it comes only right before art.  In art this week their guest has been Lynda English from Lyda English Studios.  So he is all about going to her studio to check out her “inexpensive art supplies.”  His other new interest is the piano, which I have been terribly slack about helping him out with in recent days, but he does love it:)

Then Haig honestly only is interested in something if it ties somehow into a sport, including his recent obsession with Hot Wheels or Nascar.  I thought little boys like that were like programmed that way, brainwashed so to speak.  Imagine my complete surprise when at 18 months he figured out how to flip the tv channels to find whatever sport suited his fancy for that day.  And even at that age somehow he recognized golf as a watchable sport!  What the freak? 

If I want him to wear something I have to somehow convince him it is like a practice outfit or looks like something a strong football player would wear.  He really doesn’t care very much what books we read at night unless their is a ball somewhere printed on at least one page.  Thinking ahead I do wish their was some Biblical reference to Jesus playing some type of sport…hmmm, anybody, anybody?  And lastly one of the cutest things he does is he loves dancing and playing the air guitar with awesome sound effects.  Hilarious stuff.

And now of course my wonderful, wild and wacky Eli.  He just makes me laugh.  He seems to have virtually no fear and a very high pain tolerance which to me seems like a scary combination.  He thinks drumming on just about anything is the greatest thing.  He likes doing it very loudly as well.  He wants things that are littler than him, currently, to be his baby.  So he is constantly trying to capture the “kwirls” in the yard to “make uh dem my baby”.  He also is in constant pursuit of the next door cat, but usually gets side tracked by bugs.  We crawled all over the yard yesterday,(very windy and colder) looking for a dang bug, but none could be found. 

He is also a chocolate addict (totally my fault) but also who knew that distributors put crack in fruit bite (gummies.)  Apparently they do b/c my poor little tyke has an addiction to these things that is truly fierce.  I’m not quite sure what to do about that.

Okay so you are tired of hearing how cute and hilarious my little men are but they really do make me chuckle.  I love them so and they are miracles in my life.  So glad they are currently sleeping miracles:)


2 Responses to “Amazingly Different”

  1. Anita Says:

    Really Funny!!!

  2. crystal Says:

    Don’t put all the lack of piano on you- it is partially my fault as well, we will get back at it!!! I think that you could put a spin on Joseph’s coat of many colors and say his brothers threw his new coat around picking on Joseph. I love your boys as well- they are hilarious I must agree and very sweet when the are asleep!!

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