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Standards, shmandards May 8, 2008

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Tonight I am feeling a mix between frustration/disappointment/conviction.  My weekly vice is Grey’s Anatomy.  I know it is mostly about premarital sex and illicit relationships but I am just being honest here.  I like the characters and it is fun to think that maybe the medical world kind of works that way.  But tonight was oh so disappointing!  

They had two men making out and they totally romanticized the relationship… undying love, poor fellas, blah, blah.  It truly made me want to puke.  I know this is part of the real world and that we need to love all people to Christ.  Absolutely.  But there should still be limits to what they show on tv, and at 9pm!!!  Enough to make me not watch the show anymore.  Praying on it.  And yes I do think I should pray about what I watch.  Garbage in, garbage out.

This leads me to Speedracer. I really, really want to take my two oldest boys to see the movie because Haig is absolutely dying to see it, but I checked out the review by Focus on the Family (James Dobson’s ministry) at .  This is a super resource to find out all the pros and cons for movies, music, etc from a Christian standard.  Great for parents.  But they said there are some positive elements but quite a few negatives as well.  The one that got me is they include quite a few swear words in the movie as well as the guy uses his middle finger at one point.

I guess I think if I have to point out what they should not be absorbing at least five times then the movie is really not worth seeing and paying a movie ticket for it.  As they get older I totally realize I will have to use different things as teachable moments but when they are so little it would be nice to avoid exposing them to things like that at least for a little while longer.  It is so, so easy to lower my standards, you know?  Like it feels even a little funny saying we shouldn’t go see it because of swearing, but since when did it become wrong to have high standards? 

I think I am probably explaining myself to the choir, but does anyone else struggle with this?  Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Standards, shmandards”

  1. Mary Nell Says:

    I’m a friend of Cookie’s in case you are wondering how I found your blog :). I struggle with this issue all the time. My husband and I were talking about how difficult it is to find a show where homosexuality ISN’T treated as an acceptable alternate life style. I struggle between knowing that I can watch something and say “I don’t agree with that aspect of it” versus what people will assume I accept if they know I watch it. Someone once said, “Think about if Jesus came back RIGHT now; would you be happy with what you are doing?” I think that is a great standard, but I would be a hypocrite if I tried to say I lived up to it all the time. It is so hard. Anyway, wanted you to know, you are not alone :).

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Not there yet with my own child but I completely understand what you mean. Michael and I were just talking about these things this week after two of my 5th grade students were telling me all about going on dates to the movies to see Made of Honor. First of all, 5th graders on dates – yikes! Secondly, I saw the movie and even though I thought it was good, all I could think was how I wouldn’t want my 5th grader watching it. So, horray for high standards – more parents should have them. They will be exposed to enough later in life no need to expose them too early.

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