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Good fruit:) May 9, 2008

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I am having one of those mornings.  It started out super!   Eli wanted to take two bubble baths and instead of arguing with him I indulged because selfishly it meant I had a cup of coffee and some time with the Lord.  Yea!  Actually super yea because apparently he knew it would be a crazy morning.  The good thing though is I got to see two great friends and their two year olds were also having crazy, whiny melt-down mornings.

My sweet and precious bundle of energy, Eli, went from one destructo project to another and would melt down inconsolably in between.  Nothing seems to truly pacify him this morning.  (But I know I get like that too.)  So I was running from the bathroom door being locked on the inside, to fighting over tape, to Eli going in the frig to get milk (after being told no) and dropping and busting the milk jug, to poopy diapers leaking, to dressing and redressing b/c he now knows how to take off his clothes….. 

You get the pictureYell  All the while trying not to lose my cool, which I am so prone to do.  We went strawberry picking and as my sweet friend Jenny Pruitt seems to find spiritual significance and lessons in even the most mundane situations, I tried to glean a lesson.  McCall and I discussed how sometimes a strawberry will look so red, ripe and luscious on the top side and then when you pick it and flip it over you find it nasty, rotten and mushy on the underside.  We talked about how God wants us to be good fruit all the way through, not just looking nice on one side and then acting rotten and ugly on another side.

So with that lesson in mind I am really trying to breathe a lot on these kind of days.  To beg the Lord to help me glorify Him with my words, my thoughts and my body language.  So often I may bite my tongue but my body language shouts frustration and annoyance loud and clear to my children and anyone else watching.  I usually fail miserably but even if I please the Lord with some self-control one time today that is one victory.  So this day I am desperately praying and trying to be some good fruit!


2 Responses to “Good fruit:)”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I’m not dealing with this yet with my own child, but Michael and I were talking about this same thing earlier this week after two of my 5th grade students were telling me about going on a movie date to see Made of Honor. First of all, 5th graders on dates – yikes! That seems so very young to me. Secondly, I went to see the movie and it wasn’t terrible, but all I could think of was how some parts were so inappropriate for a 5th grader to be watching. So, horray for you for having high standards – more parents should have them. Kids are going to be exposed to a lot in life, but parents can protect that innocence as long as possible and when they are exposed, we can guide them through it at an appropriate age.

  2. jennypruitt Says:

    and that my friend is what it’s all about. Loved your blog today…it was so encouraging…God is everywhere…. and in all things… even in a strawberry patch! Thank you!

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