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Complete randomness May 11, 2008

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Have to do a quick list of my random thoughts and events from this weekend:

-beautiful day Saturday so Becca and I took our five kidlets to the beach.  5 hours of absolute heaven:)  One of the best days ever! 

-Finished the day with eating out Mexican with five napless kids.  Whoa!  Actually not half bad but then up half the night b/c something I ate was NOT okay:(

-This weekend I sat and watched “Bear” on Man vs. World.  That man is seriously missing something in the cerebral area.  He may be insane.  It was like watching a horrible trainwreck yet my husband is not the only male that really seems to get into the insanity.  The crazy fella took bites out of a dead rattlesnake.  Just chomping away like a corn cob!!!  Then he later ate a beetle like a dessert mint.  What in the world!  Mark is not allowed to say I am crazy for watching Jon & Kate.

-Wonderful Mother’s Day!  Lots of sleep, relaxing, no cooking…. bliss!

-My mom and dad have been attending Buckhead Church in Atlanta and met Los today!  How cool is that?!?!  She mentioned me because he commented on my blog but him remembering me is impossible I am sure, as he is like the blogging king:)

-Went to see a cute chick flick Made of Honor.  Pretty cute.  I think I saw Vanessa’s mom but I didn’t know who she was so I didn’t speak:)

-What is up with McDonald’s trying to compete with Chick-fil-A.  Like is that even possible?  Their commercials are completely random.  So on Thursday apparently we can get a free chicken biscuit at breakfast or a free chicken sandwich from Mickey D’s with the purchase of a large drink:)  They knew they would have to offer it free at first for anyone to even TRY one b/c Chick-fil-A owns Florence!

-Lastly, I am so thankful that I am a mom.  My boys were so sweet and Mark treated me like a queen.  I was offered every sweet and chocolate thing I have ever said I liked.  McCall brought me breakfast in bed (very, very early:).  It was a bottle of water, strawberries and a sausage biscuit.  They are wonderful!!!


One Response to “Complete randomness”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    You should have said hey to her and introduced yourself. She would have loved to meet someone who is also excited about NewSpring coming to Florence.

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