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Wet, so very wet! May 12, 2008

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Bathtime was just about my favorite part of the day when I was little.  I still love a good, long bubble bath.  Now with the warm weather my boys require a bath at least once a day.  These days though with three sharing a tub I just can’t get over how wet bathtime is.  Of course it is wet for them, but no matter what I try or how much I scold everything in the bathroom seems to get wet!

Water all over the bathmat, on the stool, dripping down the side of the bathroom, certainly all over me, on the carpet trailing through the house.  Ugh!!!  It honestly just is getting a tidbit annoying.  I do hate scolding and fussing so much at night because of course it is supposed to be this idyllic, calming transition time to dreamland instead of me huffing, fuming, them whining and all melting down eventually.

They love to play, hang out in there, but it also seems to quickly turn into giggling, lots of splashing, throwing water and then of course whining, crying and it goes downhill from there.  And I could bathe them separately but they love bathtime together.  So are there any suggestions from you all out there on how to make bath time a tiny bit more fun for them and the eensiest bit less sopping wet and frustrating for me?


6 Responses to “Wet, so very wet!”

  1. crystal Says:

    I can’t get all three of mine in the bath tub together anymore- too big of a mess. I have found it to be better since Reed gets a shower by himself and the two little ones race to beat Reed in getting done. The fun of the bath tub is soon forgotten if they are racing to win, then you get to the good part of bedtime- reading books and cuddling sooner. I think the tradoff is better than the tsunami’s they make when they are togther.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Erika, I’m kind of a bath nazi so I take their warm, dry towel and put it by the tub and tell them it’s okay if they splash but I will be using their dry towel that they will use at the end of their bath to dry up any water so if they want a dry towel in the end, try to limit the splashing. I feel so mean doing it but seriously, it works!

  3. jennypruitt Says:

    We have only one rule…you splash.. you’re out! I know that sounds harsh… but your description of your bath scene sounds EXACTLY like outs!! Oh my goodness!! It’s a mess…. so they get a good talking to before bathtime… and then it’s up to them… we are all about letting them know that THEY are the ones choosing how long they will get to play in the bath… then again… I only have two at the moment bathing together…….

  4. Julie Baker Says:

    Hey girl,
    I’m with Kim on this one – you spill it – you get a wet towel! The girls hate that. Test came back fine!!!!! Thanks for your prayers. Will fill you in on all the craziness of the last week when we get back from Nashville on Thursday. We’re praying for ya’ll. Love ya! Julie

    PS – did you HAVE to show a picture of a chocolate chip cookies when I’m stuck in a hotel room with 2 sleeping kids? 🙂 Save me some!

  5. uschi Says:

    bath tub crayons…but that can turn into an entirely differnt type of mess 🙂

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Matthan just recently discovered splashing and he loves it! I can only imagine what it’s like with more than one in the tub. Let me know your tips once you figure it out. I’ll need them!

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