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Random Question May 17, 2008

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Okay let’s try something.

Random question Saturday.

What show will you most miss seeing this summer and which summer series are you actually looking forward to?


4 Responses to “Random Question”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I am sad that Grey’s is over- they just started back again. I don’t have a clue what is even starting this summer.

  2. Vanessa Says:

    I will miss Grey’s too. This season was way too short (boo writer’s strike). I am looking forward to “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” on ABC this summer. Looks really funny…if you like to see people falling and stuff like that!

  3. beckyray Says:

    I will miss Lost the most, but I’m excited that So You Think You Can Dance is starting soon.

  4. beanie Says:

    I am so freakin’ excited about “So you think you Dance”!!! I am about to jump out of my skin for this show to start on the 22nd!! Don’t call me on Thursday night’s at 8 pm!! I will be glued to the TV!! YEAH!!!

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