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Update on the tallywacker… June 27, 2008

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Haig had his surgery today.  He and I went to Carolinas Hospital at 6:15am and we left at 1:15pm.  The staff was great and Haig was so super brave.  I am so proud of him!!!  He enjoyed riding in the red wagon and didn’t complain one time.  He was so sweet.  I am a little freaked out about this recovery period.  I already called the nurses this afternoon.   Mark is trying to keep me calm:)  Hard job…. I just don’t like blood and such.  Also Haig is not supposed to swim until after his follow-up appt on JULY 14th!!!!!!!!  What exactly am I going to do for the next 2 plus weeks if I can’t take the boys swimming?  Ughhh!!! Don’t get me wrong I am so thankful that so far so good and we made it through the surgery.  Now just please pray this weekend goes well and I am patient and creative:)  Thanks for the prayers!!!dsc00223.JPGdsc00224.JPG 


Little fella, big mess:)

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dsc00214.JPGWhat exactly happened here between when I laid him down and 2 hours later went upstairs to check on him?  He opened his eyes and looked at the camera and then went back to sleep. dsc00203.JPG He is such a lovely mess:)dsc00218.JPGCheck out that impish grin!What is he so excited about eating?  Check out how satisfied he appears as he licks the spoon. Butter.  Yes, I turned around to discover he had eaten a whole spoonful of butter:)dsc00219.JPG dsc00222.JPG 


Check out the crew! June 26, 2008

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dsc00209.JPGdsc00204.JPGSunday we had a fun and busy day.  We visited a Seacoast Church satellite campus in Manning with some other Florence friends.  Neat people, great service.  The kids loved it.  Mark helped get the boys ready.  So when I went to jump in the car this is the “too cool for school” crowd that was waiting for me:)  Are they not hilarious?  So, so cute!!!  Since when do they care about their hair.  These days they do, and very much:)  Notice Eli’s mohawk and Haig’s “pikey” hair.  McCall wanted his hair to look “very wet.” Our weekend routine for the past couple of months is that Mark spends the nights on the weekends caring for his dad and then sleeping during the day, so the boys and I seek out adventure (and try to stay out of the house as much as possible) so Mark can get rest.  So after church in Manning we figured we were already almost halfway to Charleston so we just continued on down to Hanahan to see the Pereas (my older sister Kelly and her precious family).   We haven’t seen them in way too long, so the boys were so, so excited.  My sister’s two youngest children, Gracie and Jesse are 7 and 5 years old and the boys adore them. Aren’t they beautiful?  We celebrated a couple of the cousin’s bdays and my sister’s birthday on Sunday.  I do love visiting with them.  My sister’s older kids help entertain my kiddos so selflessly so most of the time Kelly and I can at least chat.We left Charleston around 5pm and made it back to Florence for a little time with Grandpa Chapman and then off to bed! 


Beach Bums! June 24, 2008

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I woke up this morning craving the beach.  I was grumpy and it takes a lot of work to get there but I just had to go.  There is no excuse that we live this close to the beach and I have only been once this summer.  That is despicable!  So we packed up and were on the beach by 12:30pm.  We packed a lunch and went to Surfside so we could have bathroom facilities:)  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the water was warm, the boys did super!  We had a blast.  We lasted a little over three hours.  We could have gone longer.  The boys had made friends.  Actually McCall made friends with some college gals and was making an elaborate sandcastle, an older couple was enjoying watching Haig play with his cars and superheroes in a waterhole and Eli adopted a new “grandma” and they were trying to catch babyfish.  But I felt like we had had enough sunshine for one day and I wanted to avoid traffic and meltdowns so we called it a day.The ride home was quiet. Eli and Haig slept and McCall and I enjoyed a new “Adventures in Odyssey” cd.  So good if you haven’t heard of them.  Check out Focus on the Family.  When we got home Mark had a bath running and dinner ready.  What a great, great husband:)But wow, we had one meltdown after another.  Like major hysterics meltdowns not the minor kind.  So we quickly did bath, dinner, one book and bed.  I am beat!!!!  I love the feeling of sand in my hair, sun on my skin and the smell of the salty sea!  So thankful for beach days!  My only regret is how stinking much gas costs to get there:) 


How Fun!!!! June 21, 2008

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Please go to  and check out the coolest idea I have heard of all year.  I am going to the dry cleaners and setting a date.  How fun is that?  If you are interested comment and we will work on it.  Makes me giggle and get all fluttery in the tummy to think of putting on my fairy dress againKiss


Hand tattoo June 18, 2008

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Found a nugget in Proverbs 10:11…“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,”I so want my words to bring about life.  So often that is not what happens.  I am considering getting a tattoo of “fountain of life” put on my hand.  Not really but I did write it on my hand and wrist after reading this verse.  So if you see me with that on my hand you can rest assured I am working hard on “speaking life” that day.  My kids get the brunt unfortunately of the days when I struggle with this.  Anybody relate?



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No I am not frustrated with my kids or my husband.  I use freeblogit obviously.  I am having the hardest time getting my layouts to save.  I have a couple of different drafts typed but every time I establish spacing, colored type, pictures and then press save…. everything changes, runs together…AAAAGGGGHH!  Someone please respond and tell me what I am doing wrong.  I like blogging b/c it is easy and fun.  Once it becomes a frustration and something I can’t figure out.  Then it isn’t fun anymore:(  Anyone?  Help!