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Long pause June 10, 2008

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I have been quiet a long time I know!  We went to Greenville from Wed. through Sunday of last week.  Mark took McCall to Camp McCall the SC boys RA camp.  They had a blast.  So much fun.  They were there Thur-Sat.  Haig, Eli and I stayed with Julie and Evan Baker.  They are so wonderful to us.  We went to the zoo, the pool, the mall and played outside in their huge yard.  They have two little girls, one great dog and one precious puppy.  So Julie had her hands full and was such a gracious hostess.  The boys loved playing with the puppy.  Eli and their puppy, Taffy, developed quite a love/hate relationship.dsc00174.JPGJulie is a saint.  She not only hosted us but hosted my brother and his girlfriend for dinner one night and my best friend from high school Stephanie and her two little girls for lunch.  Stephanie and I haven’t been in touch for 15 years but connected online two weeks ago and it was so nice to get together again.  The kids had fun playing and it was so good to see how much she is still the same great friend from high school that I have such fond memories of:)  Hopefully we can stay connected better now and not be distant for so long this time. The internet, what an amazing tool we have to stay connected.We went to Newspring Sunday.  It was the first day of ONE PRAYER, which is a four week series that over 1200 churches worldwide are taking part in.  Different pastors submitted sermons and the churches pick from these and pray together for many things but also unity among churches and among believers.  Perry Noble preached on Make Us Dangerous.  Very cool stuff.  The website if you want more info is .  We ate lunch with Michael and Vanessa Brown and their little one, Matthan. Such a neat, fun, down-to-earth family.  I can’t wait for you all to meet them.  You will love them!! Sunday when we arrived back in Florence we went straight to Tom and Pat’s because Tom is home!!!  He is doing well and everyone was so glad to visit “at home.”  The boys were curious about Grandpa sleeping in a hospital bed in his living room:)  But we all had a great time together.I feel like we have now officially started summer break.   Monday, we spent three hours at the YMCA pool and then had a good long naptime.  Today we made the Wal-Mart trek but the boys were angels and then played outside in the kiddie pool for about two hours, and again another great nap:)  We have four t-ball games this week in this crazy heat.  This is our last week of t-ball though so we are hanging in there!)It is 9pm, Tuesday evening and we are watching “American Tail” as a family.  Such a fun movie:)  I watched this like a million times as a kid.  I can sing most of the songs.  The boys are wide awake since they had such a long nap.  Any other great older animated classics from when you were a kid?  dsc00184.JPG 


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  1. beckyray Says:

    The Secret of NIMH – I still find myself quoting it. It’s a great one!

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