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Father’s Day June 15, 2008

Filed under: Family Life — erikaivory @ 9:40 pm

Great Father’s Day.  Slept in a touch and then whisked the boys (as quietly as possible) out of the house to leave Mark to sleep as late as possible.  He hasn’t been feeling well and running on fumes so he needed some rest and recuperation:)

We went and visited The River Church in Camden.  Such a neat, welcoming fellowship.  Jay Hardwick was guest preacher today and it was a great service.  Loved the music, young band but so, so good.  I would love to hear their regular preacher sometime, Brian Plyler I believe.  A big thank you to sweet Jennifer that made us feel so welcome and was so kind to my kiddos.  It says a lot that the boys asked when we could go back.

Picked up Outback on the way back into town for lunch at home and then naptime.  Spent some time this evening with Pat and Tom.  The boys fished with Mark.  Mark made homemade banana ice cream as requested by his dad.  Then we finished the day at Ebeneezer Park and a phone call with my dad. The weather could not have been prettier. 

Now off to bed.  So thankful for the godly men in my life.  Great great dads!


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