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Beach Bums! June 24, 2008

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I woke up this morning craving the beach.  I was grumpy and it takes a lot of work to get there but I just had to go.  There is no excuse that we live this close to the beach and I have only been once this summer.  That is despicable!  So we packed up and were on the beach by 12:30pm.  We packed a lunch and went to Surfside so we could have bathroom facilities:)  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the water was warm, the boys did super!  We had a blast.  We lasted a little over three hours.  We could have gone longer.  The boys had made friends.  Actually McCall made friends with some college gals and was making an elaborate sandcastle, an older couple was enjoying watching Haig play with his cars and superheroes in a waterhole and Eli adopted a new “grandma” and they were trying to catch babyfish.  But I felt like we had had enough sunshine for one day and I wanted to avoid traffic and meltdowns so we called it a day.The ride home was quiet. Eli and Haig slept and McCall and I enjoyed a new “Adventures in Odyssey” cd.  So good if you haven’t heard of them.  Check out Focus on the Family.  When we got home Mark had a bath running and dinner ready.  What a great, great husband:)But wow, we had one meltdown after another.  Like major hysterics meltdowns not the minor kind.  So we quickly did bath, dinner, one book and bed.  I am beat!!!!  I love the feeling of sand in my hair, sun on my skin and the smell of the salty sea!  So thankful for beach days!  My only regret is how stinking much gas costs to get there:) 


One Response to “Beach Bums!”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    Oh the beach..I was hoping to spend all summer at the beach too. I am trying to drag myself out of the hotel room to go utilize the swimming pool while I have it, but I’m trying to decide whether to go now or later in the day. Missing you all and hope to see you soon.

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