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Check out the crew! June 26, 2008

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dsc00209.JPGdsc00204.JPGSunday we had a fun and busy day.  We visited a Seacoast Church satellite campus in Manning with some other Florence friends.  Neat people, great service.  The kids loved it.  Mark helped get the boys ready.  So when I went to jump in the car this is the “too cool for school” crowd that was waiting for me:)  Are they not hilarious?  So, so cute!!!  Since when do they care about their hair.  These days they do, and very much:)  Notice Eli’s mohawk and Haig’s “pikey” hair.  McCall wanted his hair to look “very wet.” Our weekend routine for the past couple of months is that Mark spends the nights on the weekends caring for his dad and then sleeping during the day, so the boys and I seek out adventure (and try to stay out of the house as much as possible) so Mark can get rest.  So after church in Manning we figured we were already almost halfway to Charleston so we just continued on down to Hanahan to see the Pereas (my older sister Kelly and her precious family).   We haven’t seen them in way too long, so the boys were so, so excited.  My sister’s two youngest children, Gracie and Jesse are 7 and 5 years old and the boys adore them. Aren’t they beautiful?  We celebrated a couple of the cousin’s bdays and my sister’s birthday on Sunday.  I do love visiting with them.  My sister’s older kids help entertain my kiddos so selflessly so most of the time Kelly and I can at least chat.We left Charleston around 5pm and made it back to Florence for a little time with Grandpa Chapman and then off to bed! 


2 Responses to “Check out the crew!”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    Oh how awesome!! I’m so gladyou got to spend time with Kelly and celebrate birthdays! I hope you guys are doing well and Reilley and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all for a short while Tuesday if you all are around. Miss you all tons!

  2. Tara Jane Says:

    Erika! 🙂

    Is Kelly the sister that I met when y’all drove me to Colorado? Do you remember that adventure?? 🙂 I have so, so enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with you and Mark. I would LOVE to see y’all sometime. And as I told Mark, I’m definitely praying for Mr. Tom and for y’alls family. I cannot believe your boys are so grown up! I love their mohawks! And I love and miss y’all.

    Tara Jane 🙂

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