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Exhausted July 30, 2008

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Truth be know I am far too tired and it is far too late to blog anything that makes sense but so many people have been so kind and giving and generous and blessed us so much with your prayers and thoughts and food and gifts…. and so many of you have walked with us through our posts that I have to at least put some events and thoughts down here today.

 Today has been full of tough decisions.  We spent a long time at the funeral home crying and deciding on caskets, etc.  I have never done this before so again I have learned so much.  Then we went to the cemetery to make more decisions and cry.  There has also been laughing as we share funny memories (Tom was a prankster) and Toby (my brother-in-law has a nack at making fun of all of us:).

Then we went to the church to meet with Daniel Inabinet, that was very emotional as we shared memories and discussed the service.  And then this afternoon we went back to the funeral home for the viewing with family.  That was a very hard but sweet time as a family.

Tonight we had lots of wonderful visitors and have spent some time with the boys and on the computer replying to many friends’ precious comments.  So now off for a bit of sleep.  We are humbled and overwhelmed at how much people are loving us and taking care of all of us and our needs during this time.  We cannot say thank you enough!


Overwhelmed July 29, 2008

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Emotionally exhausted, drained, so sad, yet overwhelmed by love.  This is a smidge of what we are feeling currently.  I have never lost a loved one this close to me so this is a strange, difficult new experience.  It is a bit overwhelming thinking of ever doing it again and yet it is inevitable.  Mark, Kimberly and Pat have been down this road too many times it seems.

You can check out Mark’s blog for details on the arrangements.  How completely amazed we have been how in the last 12 hours we have been loved on in amazing ways.  I received the phone call that Tom had slipped away and within 20 minutes I was by Mark’s side and it takes almost 15 minutes to get to Pat and Tom’s house.  That is how quickly friends moved into place to free us up to grieve.  Within three hours unbeknowst to me not only were my children being fed and entertained but friends fell upon my house and straightened (forgive my clutter!), cleaned, scrubbed, folded, washed bedding, reorganized my house to prepare for out of town guests.  Then to top it off they mowed the yard!

All day long we have received food, emails, text messages, phone calls.  God is so good to us and we are so undeserving but I promise these huge gestures bless us so very much.  What a testament to God’s grace.  Not one gift, card or phone call is unappreciated.  It keeps us going so thank you.

Please do continue to pray for our strength, especially for Pat, Kimberly and Mark.  They are going on months of very little sleep and the grief is hard.  Also as a momma please pray for little Eli.  We took him to the doctor tonight b/c he has a very, very bad cough.  Apparently it is just a cold thank goodness but of course I worry about him:) 

So thanks be to God for all the support from those that love us and love Him!  I just kept thinking of Tom today enjoying the sunshine of the Lord while fishing with his dad.  What a sweet picture!


It’s finally here! July 26, 2008

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I can hardly stand it, I may jump out of my skin!!!

Tomorrow morning at 7:15am we will travel with over 50 other people to Newspring Anderson campus.  We have been praying and hoping for at least two years.  This is so amazing and exciting!!  God is great and greatly to be praised and incredible and faithful and alive and working…

And I am so thankful for the chance to shout His praises!  This is the beginning of Newspring Florence.Laughing


Check-it-out!! July 24, 2008

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Granted, I probably have a very, very minor readership.  And quite possibly most of you know my dear friend Cookie Cawthon.  But I just have a feeling that someone needs to read this.  Cookie is an amazing writer… but more than that an authentic, fiery, fun, sassy friend.  Truly her greatest passion besides her goofy hubby and absolutely precious mini-me girls… is her Savior.

She started a series about her journey to this passion for her Lord.  So good, so authentic.  Take some time and check it out.  It is currently a three part.  Here’s the link to the first one…


Fill Me Up

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Most of my day was spent scurrying around preparing as much as possible for our busy weekend.  You know the drill… pack for the beach, pack for the car trip, pack for snacks in the car, pack for snacks on the beach, pack for the hotel, pack for on the bus, pack extra clothes….  I did get a lot done but we did not end up leaving for the beach until after 2pm.

I had mentally prepared myself all day to not stress about time.  This is hard for me.  We did pretty well.  I tell you what … nothing quite fills me up like the beach.  The sound of the waves, the sand, the shells, the wind.  It just brings peace to my soul.  Somewhere deep inside.  I’m smiling thinking about it.

My favorite time on the beach is late afternoon between like 4 and 7pm.  It was so fun to share that with my boys today.  I love it when the waves rush back into the ocean and they leave a trail of all those little seashells… the ones that are alive and so many different colors.  And when they realize the water is leaving them they poke themselves up into the air like little flags and suck themselves back into the sand.  It was so fun to show the boys how to dig them up and then watch them scurry back into the sand.  We compared colors and sizes and talked about our amazing God who makes such incredible fun things for us to enjoy.

What a strange, sweet season this summer is in my life.  So much going on externally and internally but these beautifully, sweet moments and memories that keep me going… and help me to regain focus on what is true and important and lasting.

We try to have a devotion with the boys most days.  Some weeks are more consistent than others.  But this summer we have begun the habit of calling it our Focus time.  The time we take to remember where our eyes and hearts needs to be centered.  What our Focus is for that day, that week and for our lives.  The extraordinary gift of this afternoon with my three little joys on the beach helped me regain my Focus. 

Thank you Father:)


Road Trip July 23, 2008

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Exciting stuff going on this weekend!  I have been quiet and absent and busy!  We have fun stuff to look forward to over the next few days.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach to spend the night.  Hopefully should be fun:)  Saturday we have a cub scout outing to Wild, Water and Wheels.  All day water fun!

Then the absolute icing on the cake is a group road trip to Newspring Anderson and Greenville campuses.  We are taking a bus trip from Florence Swamp Fox Theater early Sunday morning and trekking it, with kids and all up to Anderson campus of Newspring Church.  We will attend the 11:15am service and then travel down to the Greenville campus for a catered lunch and some behind the scenes experience of how a video campus will work.

Then around 2:30pm we will head back to Florence.  We are all looking so forward to it.  I know of at least four families with children going.  So the couples and singles will get a dose of family fun.Smile  The bus has a dvd player and a potty, so we should be good:)  It is so cool that we are actually seeing other people, some  excited and some just interested, getting on the bus to see what Newspring is all about:)  God is so good!!!

Oh by the way…. if you want to get on the bus with us, let me know or email Michael Brown and let him know by 5:00pm tomorrow.  I promise, it will be worth your while!  Road Trip!


Out of commission July 18, 2008

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Obviously I have been very absent for about a week.  Sunday night I went to bed with a migraine, but was hoping I could properly medicate, sleep long and outrun it.  Not so much.  It did come and go in spells but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night were particularly awful.  Mark was so patient.  Two nights I went to bed at 6pm.

So I have had more sleep this week than I think I have had since college.  The funny thing is I still don’t really feel rested.  What is up with that?  Am I so sleep deprived that it takes MORE than five days of good sleep to refill me?  Yes it is after midnight and I am still up.  My internal clock is now a little wacked but it is also b/c #1 I am a little addicted to this form of communication via the internet and #2 b/c I still have some vicious tension in my right shoulder that I can’t seem to shake.  But praise the Lamb my migraine is gone.

Tried to lay low today and avoid stress and sunshine to get me on the right track.  Actually made it to the grocery store and the library without too much stress.  We were so glad to see our Nonny (Anna Pitts) at the library.  She always makes our visits productive and super fun.  And we always leave the library with almost 30 books.  Not kidding:)

Due to my headache I missed the Newspring meeting on Thursday night.  I was soooo bummed, but all said it went great!!  I hate that I missed out on meeting the rest of the staff, but hopefully within the month they will all be permanent fixtures in this lovely city.  And as Mark said, “Watch out David, she will be your shadow.”.  David is the children’s minister and I can’t wait to get started loving on the children in Florence.  Newspring has such an amazing children’s ministry and I can’t wait to wow kids and their parents to Christ.  Church like they have never experienced!!  Mark said about 80% of the folks at the meeting he had never met or heard of before.  That gets me super excited.  Well actually I already was, but even more so now:)

Lastly, sometimes I annoy myself at how often I check the computer.  But really through email and facebook and blogs I am able to communicate with my family and friends all over the world, that I never would be able to maintain relationship with any other way.  I connected with three great friends from high school and college tonight.  People really special to me that I had completely lost touch with.  But the conversations we shared tonight through the internet have made my life richer!  Not to mention that with the size of my family I could never keep up with everyone, any other way.  Thank the Lord for this tool!