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Run-on thoughts and events about my weekend July 6, 2008

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I do have some somewhat deep thoughts swimming around in my brain but I haven’t had enough down time to actually process them enough to have them make sense yet.  So eventually I may have something of more worth for you, but for now, mostly my random thoughts and recent events:)

I did mention earlier that I love the 4th of July.  I grew up (most of my young years) on Hilton Head Island and with it being obviously a tourist destination, the 4th of July was a big stinking deal.  Great big cookout, lots of friends and family, tons of time in the sand and water.   And the ending… beautiful fireworks, actually three or four to look at depending on where you were positioned  on the Island, over the water.  So much fun, fun, fun:)  Makes me smile to think about it.  And usually there was a golf cart parade thrown in there somewhere too.

Once we moved to Florence I selfishly wanted to continue my tradition of being near the ocean for the 4th of July.  Most of the time I win, but I am glad to say that I really am finally maturing a little bit and realize I can enjoy the holiday if I am not near the ocean.  Not as much really though…. that’s just me being honest.

We did do sparklers this year.  My dad has always told us horrible stories of people getting their hands blown off setting off fireworks so they have always terrified me.  But I did agree to a handful of sparklers.  They were pretty although stressful.  They are hot and the mixture of three little impulse driven boys carrying around fire… that is not a smart combo.  We made it without any burns though.  (You can breathe now Mom!)

We did have a great 4th.  Saw friends and were lazy.  Tried last night (Mark went to his dads so it was me and the boys) to see fireworks out at the Red Wolves.  We parked outside the game at 9:30pm.  At 11pm, after being asked 12 million times (approximately) when the fireworks were going to start, repeatedly telling the boys to roll the window up so mosquitoes and strangers did not wander into the car and being climbed over a trillion times, we called it a night.  So we officially did not see fireworks. That does make me sad.  So that means either we need to go to the beach and see some firworks this summer or we need to go back to Disneyworld this year so I can see them every night:)

I know this is a runon blog that my husband won’t read b/c it has more than 45 words, but I have to finish by telling you the boys and I went to The River Church again in Camden.  So great.  They made an awesome craft with the boys.  Then we went to the zoo to see the lion cubs.  It really was a fun day.  Long and extremely hot.  The zoo in July?  What was I thinking?  Obviously I did this spur of the moment and did not consult with any of you, b/c I am sure you are thinking, “I would have talked you out of that.”  No it really was a blessing and a fun day.  But I do have to say I get irritable when I get hot.  for some reason I thought it was supposed to be cooler today.  Anyways my feet do hurt but hopefully we made another good memory.  And now I only have  8 more days until Haig can go swimming again.

Oh I almost forgot.  Sat. I took McCall and Eli to the pool while Haig stayed with Mark.  We got there basically got in the water and someone threw up in the pool and we all had to get out.  Humorous:)


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