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Summer Fun July 11, 2008

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I’m trying to be a more “fun” mom.  The boys and I ran a few grocery shopping errands in the rain the other night.  They were so, so good and as we were unloading it stopped raining and they wanted to play in the puddles.  My initial reaction was, “No way!  I don’t want to have to give you a bath tonight and if you puddle splash then you will definitely need a bath.”  But thankfully, fun mom stepped in and said,”Let them play! What harm is a little mud and water going to do!”

They had a blast:)  While I unloaded they splashed and laughed.  They also unfortunately skipped rocks all over our neighbors driveway so we had to pick up the rocks before going in for bathtime.  Even that was fun though.  I think our neighbors might have thought I was crazy, but I am so glad I let them.

Hopefully these are the memories that will stick and not my meltdowns:)


One Response to “Summer Fun”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    I’m so glad you let them too! Look how much fun they had!! Reilley was splashing in the puddles on our way to go to church the other night, but Ben has taught me to loosen up more so and reminds me that this is why I carry around extra clothes and wipes and a towel and diapers and shoes..haha. We can either stress ourselves out trying to keep our boys neat and clean, or just enjoy and laugh while they enjoy and love life as messy as they may get. We wish we could have been there to enjoy it with you, maybe next time!

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