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Out of commission July 18, 2008

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Obviously I have been very absent for about a week.  Sunday night I went to bed with a migraine, but was hoping I could properly medicate, sleep long and outrun it.  Not so much.  It did come and go in spells but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night were particularly awful.  Mark was so patient.  Two nights I went to bed at 6pm.

So I have had more sleep this week than I think I have had since college.  The funny thing is I still don’t really feel rested.  What is up with that?  Am I so sleep deprived that it takes MORE than five days of good sleep to refill me?  Yes it is after midnight and I am still up.  My internal clock is now a little wacked but it is also b/c #1 I am a little addicted to this form of communication via the internet and #2 b/c I still have some vicious tension in my right shoulder that I can’t seem to shake.  But praise the Lamb my migraine is gone.

Tried to lay low today and avoid stress and sunshine to get me on the right track.  Actually made it to the grocery store and the library without too much stress.  We were so glad to see our Nonny (Anna Pitts) at the library.  She always makes our visits productive and super fun.  And we always leave the library with almost 30 books.  Not kidding:)

Due to my headache I missed the Newspring meeting on Thursday night.  I was soooo bummed, but all said it went great!!  I hate that I missed out on meeting the rest of the staff, but hopefully within the month they will all be permanent fixtures in this lovely city.  And as Mark said, “Watch out David, she will be your shadow.”.  David is the children’s minister and I can’t wait to get started loving on the children in Florence.  Newspring has such an amazing children’s ministry and I can’t wait to wow kids and their parents to Christ.  Church like they have never experienced!!  Mark said about 80% of the folks at the meeting he had never met or heard of before.  That gets me super excited.  Well actually I already was, but even more so now:)

Lastly, sometimes I annoy myself at how often I check the computer.  But really through email and facebook and blogs I am able to communicate with my family and friends all over the world, that I never would be able to maintain relationship with any other way.  I connected with three great friends from high school and college tonight.  People really special to me that I had completely lost touch with.  But the conversations we shared tonight through the internet have made my life richer!  Not to mention that with the size of my family I could never keep up with everyone, any other way.  Thank the Lord for this tool!


2 Responses to “Out of commission”

  1. jennypruitt Says:

    Hey sweet friend… I know you have LOADS going on with you these days… just wanted to let you know today that I am thinking about you. I’m praying for your family and praying that God will give you strength and endurance today. I pray that you will exude the sweet aroma of Christ to all you come in contact with.

  2. maura Says:

    I bet I am worse than you with checking the internet communcation sources. I check facebook, yahoo mail, myspace and blogs at least every couple of hours. Yeah…a little sad. But you are so right that I would never know half of what is going on with my friends and family without these tools. Jeremiah helped me discover a new tool with twitter today so now I can update my facebook via text message from my phone. How COOL! Glad to see you have added to your blog, I’ve missed you and have checked daily for updates on it. Yay!

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