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Annoying bugs! August 3, 2008

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Not much to update around here….

We are all recuperating from a mean and nasty stomach bug.  Yes, unfortunately I think Eli has been feeling it all week.  We just didn’t know his tummy was what was ailing him.  He has also had the bad cold  but now that I have been sick I realize this might have been part of the reason he has been so clingy and whiny.  It hit me halfway through the funeral.  When we arrived back at the house I literally could hardly stand so my parents helped me get the boys home and I passed out.

Thankfully my parents watched Eli and Becca took the big boys swimming.  More wonderful friends brought by dinner while I remained quarantined upstairs.  Mark fell prey to the evil bug during the night and then Saturday McCall came down with a fever.  Despite the dreadful bug my parents stuck it out with us and my sister Kelly, her wonderful husband and children came to celebrate McCall’s birthday and spend some time with all of us.  They didn’t even get to see Mark because by that time he was quarantined upstairs.  Some more great friends brought dinner for all of us, can you say amazing?

Today (Sunday) we spent the day just the five of us.  Only Haig was feeling well so we laid around all day long.  Sweet Gina brought us a great dinner tonight.  I went out to the Newspring Florence meeting (which was so exciting to be a part of) and then did some birthday shopping in the rain.

Once again we are amazed at our friends’ generosity and love.  Every need has been met without even asking.  Yesterday we ran out of toilet paper and before we could make a plan as to who would escape to the store, my friend Kara arrived on our doorstep with a basketful of goodies, including toilet paper!  God is good!  Mark is going to stay home with us one more day I think.  And prayerfully tomorrow we will all wake up feeling much better.  Thank you again everyone for all your prayers, they are felt and needed.


6 Responses to “Annoying bugs!”

  1. katie byerly Says:

    We are just getting over the stomach bug ourselves- it has been awful. I am so sorry about your father-in-law. I had offered Becca to help in any way I could so please let me know if I can do anything. Hope ya’ll are back to feeling like yourselves real soon!

    Katie Byerly

  2. katie byerly Says:

    Hope ya’ll are feeling better real soon. I am so sorry about your father-in-law. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
    Katie Byerly

  3. jenny Says:

    stomach bugs ALWAYS attack at the worst possible times…I’m so sorry… I will pray that you all are feeling better today

  4. Sorry you all had to endure illness on top of sorrow. We will continue to keep you all “prayed up” on this end….We are back from vacation…so if you need anything let me know!! Love you all!

  5. Penny and Gary Morris Says:

    We love ya’ll!
    Penny and Gary

  6. Kayne Anderson Says:

    We are getting over the stomach bug too. It is definitely going around. I was so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Please know we are thinking about you all and lifting you up in prayer.

    Love, Kayne

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