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Olympic events? August 8, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 10:29 pm

The Olympics have lots of cool and unusual sports.  Always seem to surprise me.  Badminton, white-water rafting, beach volleyball…

I asked Mark if he thought they might acknowledge diaper changing, toddler-wrestling, car seat installing, putting two year olds in a car seat while throwing a tantrum or force-feeding 4 year olds as olympic events.

If they are I am excited because I am pretty sure I could medal.  I did wrestle a 4 year old into an infant car seat recently.  Long story…. but mighty good exercise:) lol


2 Responses to “Olympic events?”

  1. Gina Says:

    I think Crystal could contend to GOLD in car seat installation!!! You could both gold in the “This is how you feed 10 kids and 2 babies without losing your brain” competition!!!

  2. jennypruitt Says:

    Girl…I would give you some competition.. you haven’t seem my Josh when he refuses to get in the car seat… all I have to say “Check out my biceps and weep girl!!”

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