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Oh Happy Day!! August 14, 2008

Filed under: Random stuff — erikaivory @ 8:11 pm

What a glorious day!  We spent most of the day at Ebenezer Park, playing outside in this beautiful weather.  Can you believe in AUGUST we could spend the day at the park?  It was so great letting the kids play with so many of their friends and get absolutely covered in sand.

Yesterday I apparently temporarily lost my mind and talked two good friends into driving to Lumberton to the Exploration Station Children’s Museum there.  We played for almost 5 hours and had a great time, but somehow I failed to look at the weather.  Well that isn’t true.  I noticed it was raining and thus I could not send the wrestling tornado that was destroying my house outside to the trampoline so I decided since FunDayGo wasn’t open then we would go to the museum.

What I didn’t check was the intensity of the rain or how long it was supposed to last.  Apparently I would have found “monsoonlike” and “unending”.  We stayed so long in Lumberton because the 10 children were playing so well but also because we kept hoping it would stop raining for the drive home.  Not so much.  It stopped as we pulled into Florence:)  It really was a fun day.

The true highlight of my day though was a little webcast surprise.  My parents and a couple of my brothers (I have 7) live in Atlanta and attend Buckhead Church, a Northpoint campus.  Tonight they were having a Night of Worship and one of the blogger gurus I follow here was going to be leading some of the worship.  All week I have been secretly jealous and bummed b/c I so wanted to be there.  Well I was checking my bloglines (great way to streamline the blogs you follow by the way) and saw that the whole worship experience was going to be live by webcast.  Oh Happy Day!!!

I tuned in half an hour late but was able to experience an amazing half hour of worship.  Eli and I danced and praised together:)  I was supposed to go to Bunko and would have loved it but had to miss for this great treat.  Isn’t God good?  I even texted my mom midway thru to let her know we were worshiping together.  How cool is that?

That is a little bit of what the internet can do to connect people with Christ and one another.  What a great day!


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