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Wild Goose Chase August 18, 2008

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Some excerpts:

“Jesus likened the working of the Holy Spirit to the wind. Sometimes the Spirit is a light wind from the south. Other times He is a gale-force wind that batters our ship. Sometimes the Spirit is a headwind that seems to frustrate our plans. and other times He is the wind at our back.
Chasing the Wild Goose is recognizing which way the wind of the Spirit is blowing and responding to it. It requires a moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Wild Goose. And you have to trust His promptings more than you trust our own plans. Instead of getting frustrated by fighting the wind, you appreciate the fact that something uncomfortable and unpredictable will get you where God wants you to go.”

“What is most lacking in the church of Jesus Christ is not education or resources. Of course, we should keep learning, but most of us are educated way beyond the level of our obedience. And of course, we should keep giving, but we do not lack the resources to alleviate poverty or fight injustice or spread the gospel. We are the most resourced church in the most resourced country the world has ever known. You know what is most lacking? Good old-fashioned guts!

Once again Mark Batterson takes a topic that is blandly taught and generally misunderstood and clarifies the mystery. Batterson issues challenge after challenge while making sense of so much confusing theology revolving around the Wild Goose.

Batterson has a gift for motivating, challenging, firing up and then kicking you in the butt.Smile  Wild Goose Chase is a must read for understanding the Holy Spirit, but even more so for daring you to jump on board for a wild ride!

If you would like to buy a copy or find out more info on this awesome read go to .

And lastly Vanessa, congratulations you won the drawing for the free Wild Goose Chase book!  (Mom, I promise you can borrow my copy:)


One Response to “Wild Goose Chase”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Whoo Hooo! I am pumped! Thanks and how soon can I get my book? 🙂

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