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Rock your boat August 19, 2008

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Another “rock your boat” challenge from Mark Batterson.

“I want this to come across as more of a challenge than a criticism, but I’m afraid we’ve turned church into a spectator sport. Too many of us are content with letting a spiritual leader seek God for us. Like the Israelites, we want Moses to climb the mountain for us. After all it is much easier to let someone else pray for us or study for us. So the church unintentinally fosters a subtle form of spiritual codependency…..
But do you really think God’s ultimate dream for your life is to see you sit in a pew for ninety minutes every week listening to a message and singing a few songs? Is that the barometer of spiritual maturity? No way!
I wonder if we’ve forgotten that when we leave church we don’t leave the presence of God. We take the presence of God with us wherever He leads.
It is so easy to turn church into an end instead of a means to an end. We go to church and think we’ve done our religious duty. We learn more and do less, all the while thinking we’re fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.”



2 Responses to “Rock your boat”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jennypruitt Says: I’m sold…I’ve got to get this book!!!!

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