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Funny Stuff August 23, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 8:38 pm

This was a conversation we had on the way home tonight.

McCall: Was God created?

Mark: No, He has always been.  Kind of strange, huh?

Haig: Who was created first?

Mark: Adam

McCall: So does that make men better than women?

Mark: (emphatically) No!

Then McCall informed us that he tries to act like an adult and be mature but we still treat him like a baby b/c we call him “baby” and “little boy.”

What is that about?  Seriously?!  Haig had a serious heart to heart with me this morning where he told me that he no longer wants to be called “Haigy” but now just “Haig.”  Oh I am sad.  My little boy is only 4, not old enough to cut out his pet name!  He even wants me to tell his teacher Ms Price to not call him “Haigy.”  I told him he would have to tell her that if he is serious about it:)

Lastly, Haig was on the potty today and told me had “had some gasoline”.  I tried to explain with a straight face the difference between “gas” and “gasoline.”  Oh life with little ones!  Funny stuff!


2 Responses to “Funny Stuff”

  1. Julie Says:

    Oh no! Ask “Haig” if Mrs. Julie can still call him “Haigy”! I am so sad! Also, tell Mark he answered McCall very well – I’m proud of him! Boys are not better than girls – we just talk more! 🙂
    Love ya! Julie

  2. Vanessa Says:

    The gas vs gasoline made both Michael and I laugh out loud!

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