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Great Post August 24, 2008

Filed under: Random stuff — erikaivory @ 8:14 pm

Great post by Tony Morgan today.  I need to make myself read this every 5 years at least to keep myself in check.  I have thought what he writes many times over the past two years but never could I verbalize it and put it down as well as he does here.

Yes, some may be offended and it could be controversial but it is undeniably true.  I would love to know what some of you think?


3 Responses to “Great Post”

  1. jennypruitt Says:

    well, I was trying to post a comment re: this post earlier today but our internet was having issues. All that I will say is that we all must be EXTREMELY careful in who we place as leadership in our churchers. I firmly believe that a church grounded in and founded upon the word of God will stand in ANY realm and “generation” and will be fruitful. God’s word will NEVER return empty. I personally struggle with this process of “theatrics” within some churches because I feel like THAT is what becomes the focus. How can we bring more people in? I believe God ultimately brings the people. (Just blogged about something sort of along these lines tonight) but what do I know? Just wanted to prove I wasn’t a “scaredy cat.” 😉

  2. erikaivory Says:

    oh so glad to have someone pipe in. I knew that certainly that post had to create some kind of dialogue:) Well spoken friend.

    Do have to throw out a couple of questions as the devil’s advocate though… What do we believe re; God placing people in leadership through His Sovereignty – even when things don’t turn out the way we “like” …

    and there are so many opinions and likes and dislikes re: “theatrics” from both sides of the generation gap. It seems such a fine line that we cross over when we become the judge and jury when Christ is truly in the judgement seat.

    So true that when God draws people the organ piping The Old Rugged Cross can call a believer to his/her knees just as quickly as a hip guitarist leading a Chris Tomlin praise chorus. lots to examine…if we are brave enough!

  3. maura Says:

    I just want to say that I completely agree with Tony, and can testify for myself being of the “younger” group that it is so amazing and encouraging when the “elders” and older members of the body of Christ (not just one church, but THE church as a whole) embrace and encourage the younger generation to step up and take part in the church, rather than to just “be seen and not heard”. I know that I would not be in the place I am today with the Lord (so much more intimate, and so much more blessed!) if it hadn’t been for the honesty, encouragement, and acceptance, even through my mistakes and shortcomings, by the older generation.

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