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Lots about grace August 25, 2008

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Okay scaredy cats, so nobody wants to comment about church politics.  So let’s try parenting…

I am really enjoying the Grace Based Parenting book by Tim Kimmel.  I will be sharing bits from it over the ncxt couple of weeks as I finish it up. I really recommend it.

“Leaving the world nicer than you found it,
making a commitment to a lifetime of learning,
paying attention to what you learn from life’s experience so that you are more valuable to others,
and being committed to developing the potential of as many people as you can..

are general purposes that are good to install in the hearts of each one of your children. When they step into adulthood with these qualities as part of their character, they feel significant. By the way, it’s really not that difficult to build these purposes into your kids. You simply develop these general purposes in your own life. Children embrace what is modeled far more than what they are told. Our good advice carries clout only when it is consistent with our example. As our children notice these wonderful qualities in us, it will be far easier for them to make them their own.”

Good stuff, huh? Kimmel’s grasp on grace and how that truly translates into parenting is amazing me.  What do you think? Resonate at all?


4 Responses to “Lots about grace”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I was just talking about children and discipline and such this weekend with family. One thing that we talked about was that we want our children, no matter where we are, where we go or who we are with to be a pleasure to others. Not in a perfect child kind of way, but in a joyful, pleasant to be around kind of way. The quote you shared from the book helps put some of what we were thinking into clear words. I haven’t read the book, but just looked it up on Amazon and read the reviews – all great! Looks like a book I definitely want to read. However, I do think discipline and boundaries are important (I have no idea how or if this book addresses this since I haven’t read it) – sometimes children (and adults alike) don’t really leave the world nicer than they found it when they are unaware of their surroundings, their behavior is less than appealing (no discipline) and they don’t care how other’s are affected by what they do. I know people like this and they are just not fun to be around, but use the don’t want to hinder how God created/gifted my child as an excuse for not disciplining and guiding their child. Just my thoughts – and maybe the book addresses this as well, I guess I’ll just read it and find out. 🙂 It does look like a good resource with valuable insight into parenting.

  2. maura Says:

    Much agreed, again. What I take from it is as simple (yet still difficult to do many times) as Lead by example. Our children will follow our lead, whether we realize it or not.

  3. kelly perea Says:

    Off subject, but Richard heard Andy Stanley talking about their night of worship, and an email he received about a woman whose parents live their and attended the worship night, while she worshipped along online. You were on his podcast!

  4. kelly perea Says:

    It was called “your Church” under Buckhead Church, 8-17-08!

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