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Strengths and Definitely Weaknesses August 30, 2008

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Read a post recently by Perry Noble and he talked about recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and accepting these.  This is hard I think as a stay-at-home mom.  For instance one of my great weaknesses is organization and quite honestly, housecleaning.  I don’t like doing it and I don’t do it well.

For those of you that relish a nice sparkling clean bathroom, eat off the floor kitchen tile and dust-free living room, don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE it when my house is clean but I have no internal satisfactory feeling pushing me toward it.  I dread sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing.  I find no intrinsic value in cleaning my house.  So this is an area where if I was an executive I would recognize a weakness not a strength and hire/assign someone else to do it.

However, therein lies the problem.  I can’t afford a housekeeper and somehow as my job is “housewife”, cleaning is part of my job description.  I am good at other parts of this job that I do enjoy.  I like planning fun activities for my kids.  I like being deliberate about their academic and spiritual development.  I have learned to appreciate meal planning, shopping for grocery deals, keeping up with laundry and I am slowly coming to terms with budgeting, but alas I still detest the cleaning business.

Please understand that I know I need to take care of what the Lord has given me and really I am not a lazy person.  However days like today leave me overwhelmed.  I guess because keeping up with the daily cleaning, laundry, pee on the toilet and floor, toothpaste on the sink, clothes everywhere, mail on the counter, crumbs on the floor, toys strewn about, books every which way…. leave me feeling frozen and numb, overwhelmed to try and tackle, bills to pay, blinds to clean, mail to file, clothes to reorganize, homework to review, dinner to cook, frig to clean out, and on and on.

I truly am an optimist so forgive my complaining, but really… can anyone else relate?  Please throw me an encouraging commentEmbarassed


3 Responses to “Strengths and Definitely Weaknesses”

  1. Allison Says:

    I totally understand! Thanks for your post Erika! As a SAHM I can get overwhelmed too. Let’s get real, right? 🙂 I have learned that there is no one I am to compare myself to as I have done in the past, concerning moms who keep things neat as a pin. Aah! I can’t do that. I love how you say that there are things in the home that one may be more apt to feel inclined to do concerning housekeeping. Mine is laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bills. Once in a while I’ll think, I bet MOST other mom’s homes are so much more well kept every day than mine! And then I remember that that is just an assumption. I make a list of all the things that need to be done and realize that they can’t be all done right then and me still feel sane! So, I take a deep breath and do a few things a night. I love doing more housekeeping at night so that I don’t feel like a maid during the day! I also remember that this season in my life is unique in that I have pre-schoolers and things are gonna be a bit crazy ’round the house. As soon as I put something up or throw something away, it’s back out spread all around. I’d rather sit in crumbs and love on my baby than to worry about getting it all done. Granted, I want my husband to feel taken care of and not feel like he’s always walking into a tornado when he comes in! So, I say all of this to say that I grab random moments to get things done…mainly the basics. Right now, it’s about survival, baby! Thank God for Clorox Lemon Scented Cleaning Wipes. Yahoo! Try ’em and they’ll make you happy to clean!

  2. jenny pruitt Says:

    This is my GREATEST stress!! I just realized yesterday while Chris took care of the kids so I could get out… it’s not the same. He is merely taking care of children… he’s not getting dinner ready… he’s not picking up toys here and there…(although, he certainly does his share.. don’t get me wrong..)…but it’s not the same. I find the days that I simply enjoy my kids…we actually have great days..bc I’m not distracted by the housework. So I will say three things that help me stay sane amidst the chaos…
    1. I pick one day to be my “awful” day and clean as much as I can… and yes that means the kids watch a little more TV.. there’s a lot more “disgruntledness” (is that a word? anyway.. you know what I mean)…but it’s one day.
    2. I do try to have the dishes out of the sink..and clean at night and my den and kitchen area clean before I go to bed… it just helps ME in the morning.. I don’t feel like I’m already starting my day behind… and I don’t mean the kitchen mopped and sparkling… I just mean a little swept.. the counters clean and wiped down..etc.
    3. Lastly, I do my dinner in the morning time or early afternoon…you just never know what the late afternoon will bring…sick kids…husband home errands…so dinner is always done by naptime so I can have a little me time when at least one of mine is sleeping…and I’m not running around the kitchen during the time my kids are hunger and tired trying to cook something… I’m simply warming it up…and I don’t have the mess to clean up after we eat… really just dishes…and during the hour we are waiting for “Daddy to come home”…I find it’s more peaceful.

    You probably didn’t want all of that. I know it’s hard.. .and as Allison says above..we are in a unique season.. it won’t always be like this… we do the best we can.

    love ya girl!

  3. Briae Says:

    I am TOTALLY on the same page, especially about priorities. I find that I can keep the house pretty tidy, keep underwear in the drawers… but the house never feels clean and pretty, I can’t get to the closets or under the beds very often… And because of that, it’s very easy for the house to be a disaster quickly!

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